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Chaos_Canyon Friday, 6/5/2020

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This will be the main post for all Diecast Racing News (DRN - formerly DSPN) related news, videos, info, etc. Use the comments to share links to your videos you want featured, photos of your builds, etc.

Above is the playlist for the weekly DRN reports so you can catch up on what's happening in the world of diecast racing. The latest episode should always loaded and ready to watch. New episodes are (usually) available every other Friday. 

If you would like to add a DRN billboard to your track you can download one of the below to suit your location

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And a Chaos Canyon one for those that want to use it for a track billboard

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Nice work! So great man! 

  • Thanks :) Looking forward to getting footage of your races soon too — Chaos_Canyon

This week started the main bracket for our Kids Race Series!


The West bracket ran this week too. THIS race was nuts


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Julius_134 6/12/20

This is Julius from CLEVELAND CITY DIE CAST RACING. Love what your doing to support the DIE CAST SPORT of DOWN HILL RACING AND MORE!


  • Glad you're enjoying it. I'm trying to get a variety of tracks and racing styles. I know there are a whole bunch of new tracks about to launch in the next month or so too so should be really interesting — Chaos_Canyon

Good stuff, I really enjoy it

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Javajim 6/14/20

Hi Guys, very new to the sport have just registerd my track and started a build journal on the site for Fraser's Ridge Raceway today. Big thank you to you for the weekly update via DSPN and also the racing from Chaos Canyon. 

Here are some pictures of Fraser's Ridge Raceway.

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Javajim 6/14/20

I posted my first attempt of a video on 3D Botmakers Facebook Group today

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Javajim 6/14/20

youtu.be/BbW8r8Urrc0. Here is my link to my first video

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madmax 6/21/20

Excellent coverage of all things Diecast. There is definitely alot more action happening in the Diecast World then when I first go involved roughly 1 year ago.  I very much appreciate you taking time to cover GNR Vintage Diecast Racing and the latest track configuration.   I can imagine with all the very well developed tracks and incredible video tools people are using to create a great diecast experience, its near impossible to see everything , but you are doing a great job and its much appreciated.  When I first found racing on youtube i found this place , Diecast 64 , and I went and watched all the expired hot 64 videos that used to cover tracks.  So you have picked up on something I had found valueable and I love your style of coverage.  Its very professional , like I am watching a autosports news broadcast..   Give it the beans :)


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Javajim 6/22/20

While continuing to work on Fraser Ridge over the weekend, I added a tunnel section over the first corner. I tested the track for the first time using four cars. For some fun I put a little video together and modified my countdown to use the Thunderbirds theme from the sixties supermarionation show. Gerry Anderson shows, were action packed, withover the top music and great model work. You could say just like all the best Die cast racing videos!!!. Have a look at the attached link.

Fraser Ridge Thunderbirds Special

  • Nice. Loved the thunderbirds and all those type shows. The vehicles always fascinated me, and still do. I wonder if it would have been as much fun to work on as I think it would be :) — Chaos_Canyon
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Sam_Haul 6/24/20

Hello everyone, just posting a link to some early test videos for my track.  Sorry for the terrible... everything, but these were mainly just practice for me to try to find the flow and footwork of how some of the handheld footage might work.  I recorded these in that slo-mo iPhone feature, but they didn't upload that way, which is probably for the best, as I'd probably have to put a seizure warning on them (that feature strobes in a slightly nauseating way).  Got the action, just need lights, cameras, sound... set.  Long way to go but hopefully here's some beginnings. 

youtu.be/K3oDx3Svl0IThe Jörmungandr