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Hot Wheels Easter Eggs

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TheMakersBox 1/28/21

Hot Wheels Ford Transit Connect has wheels in the back which are not visible when assembled.

  • I wonder why it has wheels in the cargo space instead of pest control supplies? — Ddozzer
  • Hey, even the bug guy gets a flat now and again. Or several flats, all at the same time based on the number of tires in there — Uncle_Elvis
  • I just realized that the wheels in the back are a different design than the ones being used on the van. — Offroadfun2468
  • Which is kind of wierd. They used the money and the resources on a part of a car that they didn't know anyone would see. — LottaSpeedRacing
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Uncle_Elvis 1/31/21

Current MBX casting. It has an entire interior that you cannot see unless you crack it open 

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ChiefWopahoo 2/8/21
2020 Rated Rookie

Found the Matchbox Divco truck has a few milk bottles in crates along with an elephant stamped on the fuel tank. 

  • Most all of the recent MBX castings have the elephant. Not sure if it is a nod to the country of manufacturing, designer, or what — Uncle_Elvis
  • I have the elephant on three of my MBX cars. — Offroadfun2468
  • The elephant looks like the logo of the Simba Dickie group, a huge Toy Manufacturer. Just an educated guess ... — Bavarian_Diecast_Racing

Yeah, ive heard about the doctors porsche, the other ones were new to me.

Opening my eyes a little more. I see these things and i think that they are "stock", perhaps they arent.

  • Negative Ghost Rider — KPS_Kustomz
  • I have the doctor's Porsche. It's a '89 Porsche 944 turbo. — GT_Diecast
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SpyDude 2/22/21

The MBX Austin Mini van (currently as a 'candy' set - its the Junior Mints car) has a spare tire, jack stands, and a rolling jack in the cargo area.

  • Awesome, so its "jacked" n ready to roll! — KPS_Kustomz
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Wheel13s 2/26/21

It's really neat to find these things. Hiding behind the blacked out windows of the 2018 Renault Express van is an RC airplane and radio controller.

  • That is freaking awesome — KPS_Kustomz
  • Okay, now THAT'S cool. Has to be one of the best things we've seen so far. — SpyDude
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Uncle_Elvis 3/12/21

The new GTO drag casting has a hidden motor

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Uncle_Elvis 4/3/21

The C3PO bus 

  • Wow, that's a hell of a mill in there! — SpyDude
  • Looks like a re design of the Drag VW MiniBus. Lots of room for a big motor in there. Too bad it isn't metal like the premium edition like my Captain America Van. — Garden_Super_Speedway_Park
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SpyDude 4/5/21

Just found out something interesting:

One of the Easter eggs is a Porsche 944 with a stethoscope on the rear seat [visible through the rear glass]. The Hot Wheels designer put it in the car as a nod to the doctor who owned one and took care of him during his battle with cancer. They became good friends and went on drives together.

The Hot Wheels designer was Ryu Asada.

WOW. That puts a WHOLE new spin on that Easter egg.

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Uncle_Elvis 4/11/21

Interior of the He-Man character car. This is absolutely not visible through the windshields

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TheMakersBox 4/12/21

Not too suprising, but the current Ground FX from the Muppet series still contains the original engine details despite the body no longer being removable from the chassis.

From what I can tell, the rear post used to be a tab, and the front post area used to have a latching arrangement.

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ChiefWopahoo 5/7/21
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One of the castings I'm building/testing for the Pro/Am race is a Flat Out 442. Noticed a fire bottle and seat belts in the single seat race interior. 

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