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I am currently working on a Super Comp dragster for the K&O crew, and I am in need of some help finding the right size engine for it. I am looking for a non-blown (non-supercharged) Chevrolet Big Block V8, that is atleast 6 1/16" in length. Pictures would really help. I don't care what diecast car brand it is, as long as it fits my needs.

Thanks,   -Keith

sorry, no big block chbby parts here...go fomoco baby
6 1/16" is a BIG block...
Sorry, I meant 3/8" as Mark said. I posted that question late last night and wasn't thining straight.
Go ahead and update your post with the correct size, it'll help others

I'm not sure I exactly follow what type of engine you're looking for but I got a lot of mileage out of the Ford Vicky motor. It was subtle and not overblown. Easy to extract too.

Not sure I follow your measurement need?

6 and 1/16 inches or 6/16" (3/8") long/tall/wide

Yes, I meant 3/8" but I wsn't thinking very well.

How about one of these 396 Big Blocks? Looks stock. but you'll need to find and buy the whole kit.


Chris, I forgot about that option. I will have to look into that. Thanks!

Next question are you looking for a modern motor or old school look?

Another option would be to build it out of styrene block if you cant find the right look.

I am going for the modern look. I need it to look like a proper Chevrolet 560. I forgot about styrene, but building it out of that would be difficult.

I don't know if this will help much but this is the style of Dragster that I am building:

I think you are going to need more than one engine (intake and headers) to get where you want to be.  Maybe trim down ratified block and build up from there!?!

you can always file off the carbs and blower, clear glue on the induction you want... or you can file the blower on a metal funnycar or shift kicker motor into dual quads, then add you scoop...

will dig for pix if you need

Thanks Smitty, unfortunately I don't have a Shift Kicker, but I think I might actually try a '55 Bel Air Gassers engine or a '57 Chevy motor.

the '57 will need headers as the engine is shallow [mad fast] ?
maybe cut the grill off from snoopy [blower ?]
I just realzed the '57 Chevy's motor is flat, I'll still try the '55 Bel Air's
I thought about the Mad Fast engine, but the valve covers look a little weird.
mad fast's headers are separate from engine.
I think I will have to use the headers off of a Super Comp Roadster

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