Evolution of the LoS Axel Jig

LeagueofSpeed Thursday, 2/1/2018
Event coordinator

The prototype served me well for a year and proved itself.


So, I've now produced a more permanent and solid design...I've got to do another set of axel/wheel channels, so two (2) car's can be done at once.


This one is headed Mopar Mafia's way so he can add it to his workshop.

The Quest for Speed continues...Good Luck on your Quest.


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redlinederby 2/1/18
Site manager

What's your parts list there?

Just some dowels on popsicle sticks? And they slide on the block of wood, yes? Good idea with the graph paper. As long as that stays flat it should help your eyes keep things true.

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LeagueofSpeed 2/1/18
Event coordinator

Pre-fabricated plinth block...some 1/4" square dowel...1/4" oak dowel...tongue depressor popcicle stick...graph paper...two sided tape...super glue.


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LeagueofSpeed 2/2/18
Event coordinator

Ha...as I was going to sleep last night, I thought of a way to improve the axel jig, so I'll keep this one and do up the newer version for Mopar Mafia.

All the same stuff...just a tweak in the design.

  • Yep, I'm still waiting on that........... — Mopar_Mafia

Can I have one so i can mod for december end of year orange monsrter?

  • If I make some more I'll send one your way — LeagueofSpeed
  • Project like this is a good DIY one too. Simple supplies you can find everywhere. — redlinederby

Gr8 thanks

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LeagueofSpeed 8/3/18
Event coordinator

My latest axel jig...you just come across those castings from time to time that just won't fit in the standard jig...so, per usual for me...drifting off to sleep...and my last good idea pops into the Ole League of Speed Brain Pan...and a next day project awaits the next day.

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LeagueofSpeed 8/8/18
Event coordinator

The new jig works like a charm...now those funky chassis can be put in a jig.

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Goolz11 9/17/18

Dumb question, but how do you glue the axle in if the car base is upsidedown?

  • I always put on the glue and then immediately flip over into a jig. It's not that instant of drying. — redlinederby
  • Won't the glue/JB Weld drip? — Goolz11
  • Jb weld is thick enough when mixed that it won’t drip. — 41-14

Ok. To cool now I really want so I can be competitive when racin y'all. May I have the old one since it sounds like u rnt using anymore. 

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