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Fantasy League feedback for next season

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redlinederby 9/28/10
Site manager

So would anyone really mind a lot if the garage was just removed from the game?

The more I think about it the more I think it may just need to go. Clearly it is not a critical part of the game and more left over from the first season. I'm sitting here working on updates and have to consider the garage, so I'm doing work for a part that isn't used and it seems like a waste.

I agree that it can be confusing because it really doesn't serve much purpose other than as a "My favorite cars" type list.

Not 100% sure yet, but don't be surprised if you don't see it come the start of next season.

Otherwise, updates are going well and we should be on track to finish out this season without issues, have a special event tournament, and then start a new season!

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markkaz 9/30/10

I won't be surprised


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Bandeezee 9/30/10

Yeah, I wouldn't mind losing my garage as long as I can still have a way of labeling a car as one of my favorites.

One thing that would be less cumbersome is the list of cars on the left side of the screen when you are making your tournament picks. I use those a lot and if I click on a car, then it opens that over the selections by loading it over your picks. I have to manually have it open in a new window/tab to prevent this.

Could you set it up to automatically open up in a new window?

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redlinederby 10/3/10
Site manager

Interesting feedback, Iowa, thanks. The cars shown in the sidebar on the bracket picking screen lists the favored cars in order from most chosen to least chosen by other players. Considering your experience, those thumbnails should not be links at all.

If you click in the info icon Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox that appears on each car in the bracket, it will display the car name and rating, that way you don't have to keep going back and fourth between the bracket and the car profiles.

I'll make it a point to change some of this for the updates next week so it's a little more clear. My apologies for the confusion.

Hope that helps!

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markkaz 10/4/10

Comments are added after each change.

Changes that you WILL see:
- Multi-class tournaments. So things like Non-FTE+International races will happen.
Anything to mix up the matches is a good idea.

- The Lot will be better organized with sorting, filtering and search. MUCH easier to find cars now
I don't peruse the lot but for those who do, it is an excellent improvement.

- Achievements views. Trophies per-player are easier to find and unlocks are now dated.

- Weight data added to cars. But weight is NOT being used as a tournament restriction.
Users will definitely be looking at the weights!

- Refer-a-friend bonus. You'll each get a special link to invite friends to play and get points for doing so
Great idea! I'm sure that you have a badge in mind too...

- Private tournaments. More for me to have special event tournaments.
This is a cool idea to have available. I don't know how often you'll get
to use it but it is nice to have the function ready.

- Profile badges. You'll each have a profile badge available to add to your own blogs and web pages.
Another nice addition. Cool for the user, a bonus for you to increase
awareness of the website.

- Tournament history by season. Had to add ability to display results per season.

- Lots of minor page display changes. Added/removed things to make things easier for new players (I think)
We'll be the judge (teehee)

- The garage is gone. It just wasn't necessary anymore.
Thanks! It keeps it simpler now. I look forward to referring people to the website
when you launch the next season.

I have been playing poker on Facebook. They often give these little awards. I hope
that you can find ways to implement more badges. Even if I don't win a lot of
points, at least I get thrown bones here and there with small achievements

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redlinederby 10/4/10
Site manager

Thanks for the feedback, Mark.

Coming up with new achievements is tricky because there's only a few actions in the actual game - entering a car, and picking brackets - so I have trouble coming up with unlocks that are triggered otherwise. Not only are the harder to think up, they're harder to program into the system....but please keep throwing me your ideas.

And the Refer-a-Friend most certainly does have a trophy

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