Fantasy League update for 2015

redlinederby Wednesday, 2/11/2015
Site manager

So 2015 is well under way and Redline Derby is still without its once-popular Fantasy League. Unfortunately, the return of the Fantasy League is still a bit in the future but it's closer than ever for a few simple reasons.

One, my new home derby track is almost complete. Can't race without a track, right? The new home track will be shorter than the previous track with less height, so it will be a slower track but it'll get us racing sooner than me trying to create some sort of ultimate track.

Another positive thing is that my free time is slowly freeing up. I moved into a new house in October and then the holidays kicked in, so time was tight and chaotic otherwise - little time for any hobbies. But life is starting to settle back down so I can devote more time to getting the online business of RLD back to its former glory.

I have no date for a Fantasy League restart but my goal is to have it up and ready for an kick-off season this summer, lets call it June. I have a lot of work to do to make that goal happen, including bringing in all the old Fantasy League data (race history, achievements, etc) but it's do-able. 

So what will the rebooted Fantasy League look like?

It will be familiar with all the fun of picking winners in weekly tournaments...achievements, points and unlocking cars. With a little luck and planning, the League will also include improved entry and drafting, and might include some more "game" features like power-ups and quests to keep things competitive.

Many have been asking about when the Fantasy League will return and I apologize for extremely long hiatus. I miss racing and playing as well but we're getting back on the road to fun, so please just hang out in the back seat for a few more miles and we'll get there very soon.

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