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Fastest Mainline by Year/2011

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LedHead155 12/19/13

I guess this will be my first post. I have been following you guys on here. I am an 80's kid. I had a ton of Hot Wheels and my son is now 4 years old, which seems to be Hot Wheels prime. Of course this made me crazy about them again. We were on a crazy search to find the 6 lane track which did not exist when I was a kid. I wish it did. We actually found one in New York and We live in North East, PA. We drove the 2.5 hours to pick it up for 35 bucks. I am in search of all of my old Hot Wheels at my parents house and found some from the early 90s still in the packages including a ton of JL corvettes which Corvettes were my obsession at the time. I have actually opened a few noticing the value has not gone up with the exception of a Treasure Hunt my mom found for me on Christmas one year on the Racks of KB toys for 89 cents. So i plan on contributing heavily to the late 2000's sections of fastest mainlines since that is what most of my sons and my new collection consists of. I am dying to play with the 6 lane track and extensions of course to find the fastest. I even have gone on that ole' auction site and researched that fastest cars and had to buy some up. I plan to build my own track at some point and am attempting to track down some rolls of orange track as I type this.

And congrats on being a new dad!

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model40fan 12/19/13


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Milton-Fox 12/19/13 a few months, he/she will be able to visually track fast moving objects. Just put him/her in a bouncy seat positioned trackside and you've got a 'spectator sport'.


That is true - we dont have kids, but Mrs Foxes Kitties like to sit by the track and watch the cars whiz by. The littlest one does act as a brake sometimes!

Congrates on being a Dad, ConceptTA!

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Milton-Fox 12/19/13

Welcome aboard Leadhead! Hope you enjoy the 6 lane track - as I would have loved to have had one growing up as well! There are a couple of us who have them now - and if you have already been following the threads, you know I run mine as 3 seperate venues! I also have a few newer Vettes if you have any older dupes you want to trade for - PM if you are interested!

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GspeedR 12/19/13

My apologies to iowa for goin' mega-OT here, but...

Always glad to see some more PA folks on .


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KandORacing 12/19/13

I just found the blue 458 at a Target the other day, along with a handful of other 2011's. Appears they putout a box of old stock. Also found the copper Javelin, an orange 68 COPO Camaro and a few others.

Becoming a new Daddy 2 days ago means I won't be racing for awhile though.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

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ConceptTA 12/20/13

Thank you all. He (Blake) is doing well and we are going home tomorrow.

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