Fat Track source, Adventure Force Crash Racers

ChyveRRRacing Tuesday, 3/17/2020

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Found this Adventure Force Crash Racers set  this weekend at Walmart. Only $30 for the set and the connectors are the classic flat connector style. I'm pretty sure these are the curves in 3DBotmaker's current tracks. Hopefully I'm not screwing myself out of a source by sharing :D


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WorpeX 3/17/20

I'm pretty sure 3DBotMaker made his own track set called MagTracks and whats what he uses.

I do know that what you found looks exactly like my fat track which works really well. Nice find!

  • 3DBM does print his own curves but the straights are just plastic sign material, or at least it used to be. He prints the connectors and stuff. — redlinederby
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redlinederby 3/17/20
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Nice find and thanks for sharing. I'm still on the fence if I want to venture into fat track territory, but good to know there's a relatively accessible source. Nice to know I won't have to scour eBay for vintage stuff.

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MDG_Racing 3/17/20

This is the track that 3Dbotmakers used for his new track. It is 2 lane similar to Mattel's X-V Racers. 

3D doesn't make MagTrack any longer but offered up the files on his website. It was 3 lane like Mattel Sizzlers Fat Track.

The Adventure Force should be available for a while. Maisto's the parent company of A.F.,  I do believe.

  • That's good to hear. I still plan to buy a couple more sets next payday as a backup. I had a set like this as a kid and the bank section connectors wear down over time easily. — ChyveRRRacing
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GTRguy83 4/20/20

I have 2 sets of these, they are about a lane narrower bit work just fine.

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redlinederby 5/4/20
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How many feet of straight sections come in this set? It doesn't look like much from the box photo, maybe only 4-feet or so.

  • There are 4 sections that are 50cm each. So around 78" total. — ChyveRRRacing
  • Thanks. That's longer that I thought...not bad. — redlinederby
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ghenty 5/4/20

I have one set which is ace and I'm debating a 2nd, but it would only be for the straights, and because I am thinking of a custom home straight that widens out I may not need them anyway.

Very impressed with it though.

I have a set and I like it too. Over 6 feet of straight track and two banked curves for £25/$30. Not bad, particularly given prices of vintage sizzler track. I like that the track has little grooves to help cars track straight. That and the two lane width allows open road racing but with maybe a bit less carnage than 3 lane sizzler track, as there is a bit less scope for full 360 spins. Full compatability with orange track in terms of width and (older style flat) connectors is the icing on the cake. 

  • How is it compatible with orange track? — redlinederby
  • The corners are excellent as they slide straight into orange track. The straights are a little trickier, I turn the blue connectors upside down to connect the straights to each other. Don't go many wipeouts on the straights, the odd one on the corners. I'd like the straights to be a little wider although I think by making the straight section of your track longer and not as fast then 2 lanes may work well. 3D's new track looks incredible but there isn't much overtaking at all, I suspect the track is just too fast. — ghenty
  • Sorry, I meant compatible in the sense that the mouldings underneath the track will take HW connectors with just the right tension and allow two pieces of orange track to feed nicely onto the grey track. Will post photos. — EcuWeeEcosse
  • It also fits pefectly onto max traxxx 90 degree corner exits, which is lucky as the tabs there are a fixed distance apart. — EcuWeeEcosse
  • What I would say is that the straights are quite a soft plastic, softer than orange track. I haven't found that to be a problem but just mentioning it for completeness. — EcuWeeEcosse
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madmax 5/4/20

I purchased the Crash Racer set last year.  Good set, of course on the first race the two cars had a massive head on. The hood went flying, I have never found it. I felt like a 5 year old all over again. "where did that go" .  So with that novelty  quickly over, I set up the track for some gravity racing. :) It matches up with my Xracer track.  Which has more straights, but like Fat Track more $$$ to get.  Fat Track remains my favorite for openlane racing.

Photos connecting to orange track. Obviously it doesn't line up pefectly but you don't need it to when transitioning on to the open track (and going from open to two lanes is always problematical regardless of what track you have because of the central divider). 

  • Ah ha...thanks for the photos, I see now. So the fat track is basically 2-wide. — redlinederby
  • Yes, it may help to view this a "two lane open track" and sizzlers as "three lane open track". As ghenty has said, maybe not as much overtaking on the two-lane but still some. — EcuWeeEcosse
  • Thank you so much for these pics its exactly what I needed to see — dribblybob
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GTRguy83 5/5/20

Anybody notice 3d botmaker used this on his new track? It's down to two lanes and the joints in the corners are the same.

  • Yes I believe that is what he uses for the open sections. — EcuWeeEcosse
  • Yes, it is this track. I think his racing could be so good on this track if it wasn't for those lanes being so long at the start. The lack of overtaking is a little frustrating. Can't grumble at the presentation and video quality though, absolutely sublime! — ghenty

Ordered mine yesterday!

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Rusty 5/28/20

Well I'm enjoying racing on it as an oval.Just fits a 36 inch door.Now I need to get my Vintage Sizzlers out and have a go.The cars that come with this set do very well.10 second charge and away you go.

The track would make a cool down hill race set up..

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