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redlinederby 11/12/20
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I was wandering around the aisles of Amazon and their magic recommendation machine gave me the NASCAR Crash Circuit Road Course. It's BIG and has a few extra turns and it was only $40 (less with a coupon) and so I had to buy it. It's compatible with the Walmart Crash Racers too, so it should play nicely with stuff you may already have.

The hook that got me were a few of the extra turn pieces that weren't part of a 180-degree bank. This set has a sorta 90-degree turn which I think I'm going to need when I get around to building my road course. There are also some shorter straight sections which could come in handy. However, it only has 3 long straights so the Walmart Figure-8 track will get you more long stretches.

The set comes with 4 of the Sizzler-style race cars and a winner's circle, which, I have to admit, is kinda cool. A little paint and a few new stickers and the thing would make a nice little podium for race winners. It's fun.

So if you're looking for more Crash Racer's track, this set is an option and is compatible. You can buy it on Amazon or wherever fine toys are sold.

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