Fat Track Start Gate by 3DBotMaker

3DBotMaker Wednesday, 3/14/2018

The FAT TRACK Starter

While finely tuned, accurate race tracks are a lot of fun to make and race, sometimes you just want to send a bunch of cars down an open lane of Fat Track and see what happens.

Now available at www.3dbotmaker.com 

Introducing the Fat Track Starter by 3DBotMaker. The idea originated from Chopper's Hot 64 Bump & Run. He sent me a Sizzlers Fat Track set a while ago to design a 3-lane start gate for his series. Sadly I believe it was around the same time he got into a car accident and hasn't been around for a while. After looking at the box sitting in my garage, I decided to take it off the back burner and combine it with another idea, NASCAR style racing. Inspired by youtube channels like sub4ra and Ghostjerker, you can run 3 lanes with up to 3 cars deep. 

It also works great for racing Hot Wheels Trackin' Trucks and can connect to orange track for 3 lane races.

Here's a video of it in action. The Fat Track Starter should be available sometime next week.



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GspeedR 3/14/18

I'll buy one for sure! Besides Trackin' Trucks, this would also be perfect for use with the Video Racer.

Any chance of you making Fat Track connectors? There's a HUGE market for them.

  • Yes, Fat Track connector packs will be coming very soon. — 3DBotMaker

Awesome....and I thought Damnation Alley would be my 4th and final track....the ole LoS brain pan is jostling away....the Lady of Speed is gonna kill me :)

...and a stand for the 6 Lane finish line would be great...just saying :)

...awesome job 3D!!!!

  • The 6-lane stand is coming very soon. Hopefully within the next 2 week. — 3DBotMaker
  • Awesome...I'll wait and get my two lane connectors then as well. — LeagueofSpeed
  • This is awesome! Didn't know about chopper :( — Mopar_Mafia
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sub4ra 3/14/18

This is absolutely beyond cool.  I have been using pliers for my starting gate (and frustratingly so!) trying to keep the cars stacked.  Hard to do that and hold my camera at the same time!  This will be a game changer for me.  One question, will it work if you wanted to just connect 3 pieces of orange track and run only 2 wide?  My NASCAR tracks vary so this would be helpful if it can do this as well.

I MISS seeing Chopper and the 64s Channel.  I hope everything is well and that he will be back.

For everybody who races diecast cars, thank you so much.  I think you really have something going here.

  • Yes you can connect orange track. — 3DBotMaker
  • I miss Chopper too. His show was great. I lost his contact info so I haven't been able to email him. — 3DBotMaker
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DJRobLuv 3/15/18

This is awesome 3D...

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redlinederby 3/15/18
Site manager

Woah...too cool! I don't own any fat track but this is a good reason to try and find some. Love the 3-car deep ability, that definitely adds to the fun for this type of racing.

@3DBM - And don't forget to add a link to your post when you get it up in your store!

Yeah, I don't know when it will happen...but it's going to happen. I got two (2) curves and 12' of straight track now with my recent purchase of the Fat Track for Damnation Alley...so an open Fat Track is on the back burner, and I'll have to score some more for the build...I do have my name ready however...Tail of the Dragon.

...most likely a 2019 track.

It's hard to believe this Fat Track is 48 years old....3D's new starter and the condition of the track pushed me over the "maybe" edge of an open track for hosting and racing, now to figure out how to make the Tail of the Dragon unique going forward.


  • Looks nice. I need to get one of those lane reducer pieces. — 3DBotMaker
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GspeedR 3/16/18

While I'm uncertain about yours, not all of the Fat Track out there is "original". The "Giant 'O'" sets were reproduced in the 90s and again in 2006 so many of the components out there are only 12+yrs old. I have both original and repro pieces. The hard plastic curves seem to hold up well(if none of the tabs are broken off) but the softer strait pieces usually show their wear. I can definitely tell the difference in age of the strait pieces that I own.

I was told that the older/original is more of a flat black and the newer 90s and beyond is a shiny more gloss black type look. I have not compared the two side by side, but the curves are stamped 1970 and it was an attic find by a estate sell franchise.

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3DBotMaker 3/17/18

Speaking of Fat Track. Has anyone seen this? I'm baffled as to how someone could acquire over 1000ft.


  • ...simple my Brother...time and money :) — LeagueofSpeed
  • I remember seeing that a few years back. Still pretty awesome. — sub4ra
  • I think you can see the color difference I was talking about above in this video...some pieces are shinier — LeagueofSpeed
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