Fat Track Tutorial Video....Very Cool!!!

LeagueofSpeed Thursday, 3/22/2018

Very Cool to have the Lap Counter explained.



....and this is a great example of how we could start to race Sizzlers....all these parts are still out there.


  • I believe C10 broached this possibility awhile back — LeagueofSpeed
  • Check out the GoPro for the Lap Counter shot — LeagueofSpeed
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redlinederby 3/22/18
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Those little twisty yellow leg peg screws is exactly what I want for my seamless orange track, but rather than use it to hold the track up, I want to hold it down. 

My thought was you have a hole in your track base board. The peg goes into the orange track rails underneath, and the peg itself the goes into the hole in the board. You could use something to kind of "pin" the peg (like a clothespin) and it would help keep the track in place and flat.

And man, do I wish I had bought some Sizzlers when they were re-released at Target years ago. Damn.

  • They are hard to come by...been looking. — LeagueofSpeed
  • Of course, they were expensive then too, which is why I didn't pull the trigger — redlinederby
  • Got a few of the traget Sizzlers.Replaced Mattels batteries with aftermarket,they run much longer and stronger.. — Rusty

Drill a pilot hole and insert a toothpick...my first thought, then again, give me some Duct tape, Super Glue and some toothpicks and watch out :)

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redlinederby 3/22/18
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My hang up was always how to insert the clip that goes into the rails...since it's seamless it's a pain to slide it all the way down. But seeing how the Sizzler pegs twist into place has me thinking again - I hadn't thought of that type mechanism - so simple, which is why I probably didn't think about it.

I guess it's time to bust out the popsicle sticks and see what I can put together.

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