model40fan Wednesday, 2/8/2012

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FEBRUARY IS IN FULL SWING...F.C. HEET # 1 in SONORA,CA. is on 3-3/4-'12... need your cars here by 2-23-'12.... please include the return address that you want the cars returned to...pack them as if they were footballs, 'cause thats how they're treated enroute...
tel. 207-786-4795 H/C


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EconoCarl 2/8/12

If you're a procrastinator like me Smitty will return all cars to owners upon completition of series.

March 3/4----Tastelikedirt, 24ft track in Sonora, CA
March 17/18-Jobe @ Austin Diecast Drags, 50ft track in Austin, TX
March 17/18-Jobe @ Austin Diecast Drags, 25ft track in Austin, TX
Mar31/Apr1--Crazycollector w/GspeedR, 40 ft track in Heshey, PA
April 14/15---Variation Jason @ Texas Diecart Racing Association, 50ft track in College Station, TX
April 28/29---Model40fan @ Sloppy Jalopies Racing, 18.5 ft in Auburn, ME

Single elimination, best of three wins race.
Race all the way down to first and second place, then races to determine 3rd thru 8th places.

1st - 12 points
2nd - 9
3rd - 7
4th - 6
5th - 5
6th - 4
7th - 3
8th - 2
all other finishers - 1

Points will be tallied per car (not averaged).
At the end of the Series there will be a Champion Car and an Owner Champion.
Awards? - open to suggestions!

The original thread is here: http://www.redlinederby.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=645

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GspeedR 2/8/12

Thanks for the update, Carl...at least it should take less time for my cars to be shipped to Smitty(PA to ME). No worries, he'll have my entries well before 2/23.

Well, I have 4 slow cars ready to go, and there's still time to find/build faster ones! Deadline coming up fast.

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Jobe 2/8/12

Sweet mammajamma!

So we would need 2 throphy's? Maybe make a Featherweight Cup, assuming we'll do this challenge again...

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EconoCarl 2/8/12

A Featherweight Cup?
Great idea! Just so long as it's not a red solo cup on a pedestal!

I have some diecast from an anonymous donor for awards and/or schwag. Thanks again to he/she knows who!

Currently accepting more. Anybody?

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Jobe 2/8/12

As long as the red solo cup is full of beer...might be ok.

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model40fan 2/8/12

I'M HIP TO THE MUG er... CUP, but i like perpetual trophys... small tag with the winners name, team, state... visits the winners house until the next series has a winner ?...

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Jobe 2/8/12

Yeah, I'm down with that Smitty.

I've got a real nice turkey feather here ready to go

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EconoCarl 2/10/12

And track hosts, please check your email.

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WorpeX 2/10/12

Crap... not sure if i'll make the deadline or not. I still don't even have a scale.

I still don't even have a scale.

The Redline Derby Fantasy cars have the weights listed of a lot of stock cars.

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Jobe 2/10/12

I ordered a scale from the place Carl did, got to my work in about 4 days using standard shipping....which might have been free?

if you are running some stock cars let me know, if I have them in my collection I can weigh them and let you know!