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Featherweight Challenge Series 1 (Pennsylvania)

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GspeedR 4/6/12

Yeh - he thinks his Trim Trk is gonna' beat the 300 again! Ain't happening!

I dunno about that...after seeing my 'Old #3' & 'Chevroletor' loose in the finals of their respective brackets by only millimeters, I think they're just getting warmed up.


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model40fan 4/6/12

yeh, we up here were wondering if our south central buddies were ok !
but, if he's trash talkin' he'll be just fine..
heet #5 ? so the trash talk is of jenny craig truck vs. the econo-300..... time to spank those two boys and GIRLS...
we down here don't bother bringing our spanking glove anymore, we bring a wallet and a hankerchief as we're more likely to be spanked !

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GspeedR 4/9/12

Good news...UPS tracking indicates that the FC entries have arrived in Houston, TX and are scheduled for their final delivery(to Variation Jason) tomorrow.

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EconoCarl 4/9/12

Glad to hear that . . . my cars didn't like being up north!

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model40fan 4/9/12

maybe you should have put jammies on your lil' texans...

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EconoCarl 4/10/12

I'm not a superstitious person but I think maybe I should have kept my 300c avatar until the Featherweight Challenge was over! I guess time will only tell if it works

Chips are down!

Whatever that means.

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EconoCarl 4/14/12

I'm guessing Jason got the cars OK.

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GspeedR 4/14/12

I'm guessing Jason got the cars OK.

Yes, Jason pm'd me. The box arrived safely and undamaged.

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model40fan 4/14/12

racing on sunnn daaay !