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Final Fantasy Fracas

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TheDirector 3/22/22

If it's not too late, Black Dragon Racing will like to submit an entry 

The first team is ready to head read that right...

WOW!! I was just cruising the page and thinking about fantasy Hotwheels and how nobody wants to race them and started thinking that maybe my first mail in comp should be....

LOL and them here it is. ???? I love it. I have to enter too.  

CanadianSTIG of lightning Phenix Racing will send something in.

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Bolo_Brown 5/3/22

I am in this one

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NDeavers80 5/30/22

Can NDR get in for 3 cars

Rust 'n Ruin Racing is in. For two.

Friendly reminder.....send me a dm to get the address

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DeeJay 6/22/22

Is there still room for me to get one or two in?

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johnson9195 6/25/22

I would like to send in a car or 2 for this. Looks like fun.

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MagicMike 6/26/22

We at Mrs. Kraken Motorsports are totally in! I dunno for how many, but we'll probably have a few at least. This is gonna be insane 

Is this an upcoming race or has it gone by? Up top it says '22 but the comments are from last year?

  • The post was made in September '21 and asked for cars by August. It also said 'may be extended due to Death Race'. Death Race is still ongoing. — MightyTwo
  • Okay thanks MightyTwo — Redd_Rockett
  • Can I get in on this? — Redd_Rockett
  • Yep, it's planned to start immediately following the Death Race! I'd like to get cars by August 1st, but may continue to accept them after that deadline. The track will be rebuilt prior to this event. Please message me for the address! — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • Okay thanks! — Redd_Rockett

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