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Final Stage of the RLD Nationals on Tobacco Road

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Fantastic Racing!!!! Thanks to All!!!!

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Mayfield41 5/22/20

Those were some fast and very cool looking cars. That was fun to watch.  I missed out on the charger series which ok cuz I couldn't find any chargers. 

I'll post the 2021 RLD Nationals thread in August with the type of car we'll be Racing which will give everyone 5 months to Build...

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Mattman213 5/22/20

Man...finished it all off with a bang.  Some of the best racing of the entire event, right at the very end.  Congrats to pretty much everyone and thanks as always for the good times.  

OH and thanks for the Gasser race.  I was going to ask if you would run those two but didnt know if you still had the track set up.  Looks like you read my mind!


  • ...I'm surprised I remembered...that was talked about in January on Quest Speedway — LeagueofSpeed
  • I forgot till you aired the first video and I figured by then it was packed up and too late anyways! Joaquin will get a thorough going through when it gets home and will be headed back for Poppa Speed! — Mattman213
  • Sounds great...I'll try to Build a couple to keep pace with that Beast — LeagueofSpeed
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Go_Time 6/5/20

Wow!!! I didn't have much hope for this race as I didn't fair so well in the other races....but heck I may have snuck into the top ten.  Top 10 in the best diecast racers in the U.S.A.  I'll take it!!!!  LOS, as usual great race and thank you for hosting!

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