Finish Gate Wanted In Ohio

HotWheelsCalgary Thursday, 1/2/2020

I got a message today from my cousin in Ohio asking where she could get her grandson a 2 lane finish gate. He's turning 6 so ,It doesn't have to a 3DBOTMAKER unit.. Just something that will indicate winner. Can be electronic or manual. She lives about an hour southwest of Columbus and I'm sure she or one of my other family members would be happy to either come get it or pay for the shipping as well the purchase price.She needs it before the end of the month.

Apparently I got him hooked on Hot Wheels racing while I was Nothing wrong with

Anyway, message me if you might have something and I'll get her in touch with you.

Thank you for any help you can offer.


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LeagueofSpeed 1/2/20
Event coordinator

I'll see what I can do

Great! Start 'em young is what I say. 

Sorry I dont have any good advise regarding finish gates but I do wnat to jump in here to let you know we're holding a race in February in Columbus and part of our event will be designated for kids only and since your cousin and her grandson are in Ohio they may want to c'mon by. Check out the Triplemania Weekend listed in the Racing section. 

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redlinederby 1/3/20
Site manager

I have a Maxx Traxxx finish line that is flappers with a light. Should work pretty well for 'em. Since it's pretty local for me, shipping shouldn't be crazy either. Let me dig it up. If you can PM her zip code, I'll get a shipping cost.

Here's the finish line

  • That's the same one I wad going to look for I know I have an extra somewhere but if you've got it handy I don't have to dig. — NDeavers80
  • How much for the unit itself? — HotWheelsCalgary
  • PM sent to you Brian! — HotWheelsCalgary
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