Found my first starting gate

redlinederby Wednesday, 10/21/2020
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In midst of my office clean-up, I found the first starting gate I built (circa 2010). I know starting gates aren't all that sexy but hey, I guess it's part of Redline Derby history at this point. I just took some wood scraps I had and put them together to make a lever-release gate. It just sat on the downhill board, clipped to the back.

Funny how shitty it looks with all our 3D printed plastic stuff these days. Had to work with what you had back then! I should probably just handmake a new one...go back to basics.


That is a thing of beauty.  I particularly like the cardboard, which I assume protects the cars from being scratched by the wood, ensuring a smooth release. :)

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Chaos_Canyon 10/21/20

My first start gate was this drop bridge - it would sit horizontal with the cars in it the pull the lever and it dropped the front down to release the cars. It was fun but had to change it in the end as the orange track kept coming loose and some cars wouldn't line up with the track as it bounced too much. I may still bring back something similar for a future gate cause it fits the whole broken canyon theme :)

  • It's cool having the gate "disguised" as a bridge to fit with your layout. — redlinederby
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dustdriver 10/21/20

Very nice start gates!  I really like the bridge start gate. I'm using a two car slam booster as my main start gate, with two single car slam boosters for the outside lanes. Only problem is some cars don't fit, so I've had to improvise but for now it works.  

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