Free sidewall for Crash Racers tracks, 3D printer file

Chaos_Canyon Saturday, 11/6/2021

Hey everyone,
I have some Crash Racers tracks and I was getting annoyed how often the cars would get up on the sidewall and either get hung up or go off track completely, so I designed a sidewall that can be added to not only stop that happening but also gives more stability to your track (as you can screww the sidewall design to your substrate) and an option to add additional fencing on top or even a billboard.

You can get the file for free at my Thingiverse listing here - there have been a few people having issues with the download from thingiverse, so there is also a link to the file in a dropbox file in that listing as well.

You can see it here in Craig's (from Hot Wheels Boys) video after I sent him some to try.

You can download and print as many as you want, you just can't sell them or the file itself.

Let me know how you go with them :)


Nice job CC !

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jayehessohen 11/7/21

Awesome thanks!

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Rusty 11/7/21

Great idea!!!

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Playz 11/7/21

Printed 2 out to try out, now I just have to add them somewhere on the track..

it's hard after it's already built but I'm sure I'll manage LOL

  • They should be able to slide into place. Do you have one area of the track where cars get up on the side wall more regularly? On my test track, it was usually not far from the exit to a corner — Chaos_Canyon
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revhobbies 11/27/21

Thank you for this! I printed a few and installed them on my track and used them in my latest (and only lol) video.

  • Awesome. I’ve found them quite good at keeping the cars on track in areas where they would usually get over the side. Hopefully it does the same for you — Chaos_Canyon
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