Front Runnin' Fairmont: What makes it so fast?

BigBadBrad01 Monday, 6/22/2015

I've laid out my experience with the Front Runnin' Fairmont here:

Is your experience with this car similar to mine? I'd be interested in hearing.


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72_Chevy_C10 6/22/15
Event coordinator

Hey Brad, 


When I got back into Hot Wheels last year, I had several of my fast cars from the '90's, and my fastest were a HO 300 Z Nissan and a HO Camaro....metal/metal cars and they were definitely  faster than most.

Since then, I've been converted to a FTE guy, and I enjoy building my cars (making custom, modded cars) rather than trying to find elusive (and expensive) stock cars to race. 

The HO cars do have a different 'feel' than other cars of that era. Thanks for sharing your story...and I hope you car race with us some time!

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redlinederby 6/22/15
Site manager

Yes, welcome to Redline Derby. Really like your blog write-ups with great photos. We should definitely partner our sites up and see what goodness pops out.

Funny thing is that I didn't realize I even had one of these Fairmonts until I saw your photo. I have an original one that has seen better days that I got from a friend. I guess I'll look into restoring it a bit and seeing how well it races.

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BigBadBrad01 6/23/15

Thank you guys for the kind comments. I have poked around your site and it is truly a great resource for all things racing. I put a link to in the Fairmont article so if people are interested in racing, they can come here to join you guys in the fun. I don't do much racing myself, but I do have several Hot Wheels sets like the Super 6-Lane Raceway and the Super 3-Lane Speedway where I like to run a few cars from time to time. How do I join one of your races? Do we send in cars? Or is it a local club kind of thing?

  • The cars get sent to the first host and they are raced on different tracks through the stuff! — 72_Chevy_C10
  • Thanks for the link :) — redlinederby
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redlinederby 6/23/15
Site manager

Best place to start is the race calendar. It has a listing of all tournaments and other events.

Find a tournament that sounds interesting or on a date that works. Instructions for entry, rules, etc. should be in the first post. But the gist is basically send car(s) to a host and then get updates and results as the weeks progress. Some tournaments are one-stop, others are a series that see the cars sent all around country.

Hope you give it a try. Maybe look for a stock or "rip n roll" tournament if you're not a big modder...those types of races just have you send in un-modded cars to see which is fastest.

I had a Fireball Jr. Hot Ones when I was a kid.  It was one of my fastest.  The 442 Hot Ones was also up there, and a Corgi Juniors Ford Escort.  Oddly the flyweight Escort was one of the few to survive the demolition derby phase of my childhood cars.  Anyway, yeah, it was fast, miss all those cars I killed.

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CrzyTrkrDude 6/24/15

Just saw this... Anyone wanna find out??

  • Oooh! I think you may have some competition! — BigBadBrad01
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2seven 6/27/15

Took me a little bit to locate them but check it out....

Never hung on a peg!

I was hooked in by the 27

Has anyone noticed that Hot Ones have smaller, shinier axles than normal blackwalls?

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