FTEs... 100 of them... buck each !

fordman Friday, 8/26/2016

keeping the wide track, large diameter axled cars for my racers... WAY 2 FAST, LOW CG, STOCKAR, TORPEDO CARS ...ETC...


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gtaman 8/26/16

You got a picture?  I will take some ...  

Interested in daytona(s) but will defn take 20 or so...

Cadillac escalade


Hot tub etc.

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fordman 8/26/16




I'll take 10.  I don't have any of the funky FTE2s and I notice some of these are so, can I get 6 of those, 2 AMC Javelins and 4 whatever's or more Javelins if there's not many.  Of the rest, how about one each on the Vega colors and the pair of 69 Chargers.  Oh and one 65 Mustang, so 11 I guess.  That make sense?  

PM or post here for final shipped cost.  Substitute whatever similar or not similar if any of that is taken, mostly looking to try the FTE2s.  I just scored 35 fantasy FTEs for a song on EBay so, like everyone, less interested in them (And they all have metal chassis and getting the wheels out clean is a PITA).  And because of that unauthorized purchase, I should keep myself limited here....but you know if there's a deal on shipping maybe.... ;)

And I don't give a crap about card condition. Will be opening :)

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