Gearing up for Season 4, updates pushed today

redlinederby Sunday, 2/27/2011
Site manager

Even though I don't have a firm date yet for the first races, I pushed out Season 4 updates today. Some of the changes are purely cosmetic, but there's a few new additions to the game that everyone should be made aware of.

The first new addition is the Rookie Picks. From your dashboard you'll see "Rookie Picks" in the menu and in your stat rundown. With the Rookie Picks you'll pick the one new car that you think will end the season with the highest rating. If you make the right pick at the end of the season, you'll get 50 points for your trouble.

Another update is now a car can only be entered once per weekend. Prior to this season you could enter the same car into both tournaments in a weekend, that is no more. Hopefully this will result in more car variety in a tournament.

You'll also notice a "Redeem code" option from your dashboard. This has nothing to really do with the racing part of the game but is some groundwork for me getting out codes through social media and for sponsors and other sites. Each code will match an achievement and if you pay attention to announcements and updates you should get some easy points.

There's also a smattering of new achievements that you can check out in the master list.

And that covers the big stuff...there will be an "official" post in the blog with some rookie car previews soon.

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