GNR Vintage Diecast Racing 12 lane Track

madmax Sunday, 3/22/2020

Here is the first public viewing of my indoor 12 lane track.

Always a work in progress. 

I have now registered this track here.


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Mattman213 3/23/20

That's super cool, loved the vintage racing!


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LeagueofSpeed 3/23/20
Event coordinator it.

That's complete insanity so of course I love it!

  • Rodger Dodger on that :) — madmax
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PeteB 3/24/20

12 lanes? That's nuts! Go big or go home!
Nice job dude.

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madmax 4/5/20

Here are the 144 car elimination finals

12 cars in a one win takes all.

What did  we learn? .. ALOT of FAST cars can be Eliminated in one heat..So I think a couple heat races had many more fast cars then made the final.

A 12 Lane, side by each track has alot more bump and grind happening then I thought and you can see cars on the charge etc.. take a bump... and start to race backwards or go off track.

I also put a hump in the track so as to not just allow the fastest car to smoke em.. a bit of luck.. it worked to the disadvantage of alot of the more sprung cars.. they needed to be stiffer for this track.. which.. means on a smoother track we may or may not have different results.

I could run these same 12 cars and have about 4 or 5 different winners each time.. such is a one and done...

there can only be one.

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Chaos_Canyon 4/17/20

That's cool. 

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madmax 4/21/20

Here is a link to the Funny Car Finals.

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