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madmax Sunday, 3/8/2020

Hello Redline Derby Racing

Brief history

In March of 2018, I had no diecast cars and no tracks. It had been 44 years or more since I raced my hotwheels. Somehow I decided then I wanted hot wheels again. I started buying them up and looking for the old tracks that I grew up with. I now have a little bit of everything. My Friends and family started racing and we filmed some of those races last year. 

My League races all diecasts but will always have a focus on Vintage Cars, castings, etc. 

At this time, its pick up races and no formal schedule.  I do races when I can fit them in. Cars that arrive will be raced within an month.  As I have alot of cars, some people just show me their vintage car and If I have one similar, I will race it with their sponsorship. If its a RARE , Collectiabe car, this is where it gets scarey fun.  We try to make it safe, but things can happen, just like in real vintage racing any car can go off the track at anytime. 

Track setups change.. I have many track configurations. 

I am just learning about youtube and making videos.  Everything is a work in progress.  

There are alot of people involved in diecast, more so just recently, but there are a number of pioneers imho who have been at this for sometime. I have been going back through many different racers channels from their early days. I am very much a fan of diecast racing. 

With that said, 

Here are a few Races from GNR DIECAST RACING

Nitty Gritty Kittys vs Thunderbirds

Hot Wheels Redlines, vs Johnny Lightning Toppers

Matchbox Superfast Cars from the 70s

Vintage Porsches and Ferraris  70s to 90s double spiral track

Semi Finals

Finals will be my next video, 

My intent is to upload y 2019 layouts that were pick up racing, and invite other racers to participate for 2020.  

Ways to participate in GNR Vintage Diecast racing is via sponsorship, car entry or just watching for fun.  

I hope this is the right place to post and that I haven't broken any rules.. 


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LeagueofSpeed 3/8/20
Event coordinator

Welcome to Redline've come to the right place and look forward to seeing some Racing!!!

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redlinederby 3/8/20
Site manager

Indeed...welcome to the site, glad you found us and happy to see you sharing your story.

I dig that the track in your video splits in two directions, don't see that often, nice to see something different. If you're taking mail-in entries then you'll certainly find willing participants around here. We're sending cars all over the country every month.

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madmax 3/8/20


Thanks for the reply. Yes, me and the helpers have a few track layouts in mind for the upcoming year. I also intend to build a fixed track over the summer.  

Races will happen monthly and sometimes twice a month, with videos released as I can get them done and figured out. 

I will be moving from Invitational to mail ins as this year progresses, and I will accommodate anyone willing to mail in a car. 

At this time races have been local along with a few long distance participants. 

But yes, if people wish to race at these events, I will be happy to host. I still find myself on a learning curve, so the information here, on how to host a mail in derby is incredibly helpful. 

So I will say this... if anyone wishes to run a vintage car, first send me a pm and we will go from there. 

I wish to restrict the number of cars for the time being incase I become overwhelmed with mail orders and I wish to keep things as organized as possible and not tick anyone off who has sent me a car.

Once again thanks for your reply and for providing this website. I also struggle with finding my way around on here... I am a bit technology challenged at times.. but I am having fun and know how cars go done tracks.. and what I don't know my nephews tell me lol... 

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madmax 3/9/20

Here is the Finals  of the Ferrari Vs Porsche Double Spiral.

One grudge match out of this.. then this track comes down and a new one will  be going up. 

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