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madmax Thursday, 4/2/2020


I am definitely making alot of progress towards holding a mail in event. While I would like to hold one sooner then later,  I was planning for the summer, I have some questions as I have never held one before. Everything has been local and only been holding races for less then a year.

My Question is,  

Is it worth trying to hold a mail in event while Covid/19 coronavirus is happening? Is it better to wait.  I am in Canada, and I would like to see some entries from the USA, well , thats hoping there is interest to begin with.

My Other Question , for those who have sent cars not only to Canada but all over.. what is the general length of time for cars to arrive?

Thanks in advance,


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Mattman213 4/2/20

Never sent anything to Canada so Im not sure on travel time but maybe some others can speak up.  Things are heating up around my area and shipping may not be an option much longer but if its open I have no issue making a quick trip out to ship for a race.


  • I haven't shipped anything recently gut I'd say anything across any border is a gamble at this point. Heck, Ohio just put in place self-quarantine if you're coming in from another state. — redlinederby
  • Yes but the postal system is considered essential especially now more than ever so shipping is a go. Many are using it to get what they need without going out. — Mattman213

I ship to Canada quite a bit and the trip is usually 1 extra day from if I was shipping to a similar distance in the US. You need to fill out the customs form and it sits at the border for a bit. I'd say expect about a 7 day lead time. Now, with all this going on, who knows.

I like the idea of a vintage event!

  • Well get there.. There are two things most important to me, that is taking care of peoples cars.. and taking care of and returning peoples cars..I also figure a vintage event will be somewhat manageable with the more expensive pieces being local, and the real track ready cars being lower quality refurbish, restores and modded.. things with time in them but not alot of money.. — madmax
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