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Mcjiggles9 Wednesday, 6/26/2013

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Earlier this year I decided I wanted to serve a mission for my church. This requires a full time dedication to service work and spreading the gospel I believe in. I have been called to serve in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the next 2 years of my life. Im 99% sure I wont get a chance to revisit this site while I'm gone.

I just wanted to thank you all who have made racing here such a fun time. As they say, everyone needs a hobby, and I'm so excited I found mine so early in life! I can't wait to get back here and see all the action thats been taken place during my absence. I'm gonna miss all the friendly competition!

I GUARANTEE I'll be back on here when I come home in July of 2015. Im hoping all of you guys are still around by the time I get back!

I am planning on entering cars in the Cops vs Robbers mail in event, even though I most likely wont get to see any results. Hopefully my dad will be able to. Its been fun hosting races here, but our tracks gonna have to be shut down here for a while.

I am also planning on hopefully making a tutorial to help you guys make racing videos. I know you guys have enjoyed them and I think it helps the entrants actually get to see their cars in action!

If you have any questions, let me know. Im still around or 2 weeks or so.

Congrats to all the future mail-in and fantasy league winners!

I'll see you all real soon


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Stroller 6/26/13

Goodbye, McJ. I wish you well. You must do what you must. God speed. Be careful.


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model40fan 6/26/13

sorry I won't be seeing your tail lights for a while... or your movies...been fun !
there is some racing in brazil... sao paulo, ...RDR user id ="optimus", they do have a track...
let us know if you need a diecast fix, we can send you a few... even, [especially] if later you give 'em away !
... hope ralley case keeps us up to date while you are away...ENJOY !

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shadowracer 6/26/13

All the best to you my friend. Never really got to know you being new myself, but I admire your devotion to your calling. And hey...Hot Wheels is that sort of hobby that won't be going anywhere. It'll wait till you get your important work done.

God bless,

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redlinederby 6/26/13
Site manager

Leaving us a boy, come back as a man.

Thanks for all your support and efforts. While we hate to see go away for a while, there's not a chance for someone else to win the Fantasy League!

Have fun, Cooper, stay safe.

Mcjiggles, it has been great racing with you.

Take care and see the world.
see you around.....Chris

It's been great racing (and losing) to you. When you come back, it won't be any easier though...


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EconoCarl 6/26/13

I'm feeling what the others have said.

Always remember, we'll keep a light on for ya'!

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Nightstalker 6/27/13

Give em...........Heck Jiggles, Let us know if ya find the Net there. Best of luck to ya my Friend.

We'll miss you, but we'll be happy when we get you back. Do it to it!

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WorpeX 6/29/13

Gonna miss you Jiggles... You were an amazing asset to me during R.N.L. I don't know what I would have done without you! Racing with you has been an absolute honor! I hope you enjoy your time down in Brazil and accomplish your goals there. We will keep racin em' here!

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AMH-412 6/29/13

I haven't been here all that long McJiggles, but in that short time I have came to admire and respect you as a person and for all the abilities you have. I've raced with you four times so far and it has been great to race with you those times, I know more will be ahead, but for now, you have a calling to follow, I admire and respect you all the much more for following that calling, following what your heart tells you to do.

Wish you the best !!!!

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K_Harvest 6/29/13

I Wish You The Best mcJ. goinG To Miss The Vids But Im Sure We'll Figure It Out And Someone Will Step Up.

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