Google calendar for races, worth it?

redlinederby Sunday, 10/6/2019
Site manager

I created a Google Calendar for all the Redline Derby mail-in events and races. I added the current listing of events through end of the year.

If you find this calendar useful and connect it to your own Google Calendar, please post and let me know. Each race here on the site already has an "Add to Google calendar" option, but if this is easier, then we can shift towards this type of thing.

You'll need a Google account to use it. See calendar here.

You can then easily add it to your existing, personal Google Calendar. It's a one-way'll see the RLD events but your other calendars will not be share, so no worries about privacy or anything there.

Right now, the web site is not connected to the calendar in anyway...we have to enter dates in manually, so if this isn't something the community will utilize, then I won't bother because it is extra steps to manage. But if it's something that's awesome and helfpul, I'll put more effort into figuring out how to connect to the site so it's easier to maintain.

Kind of an experiement, so please share your thoughts. Thanks.


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LeagueofSpeed 10/6/19
Event coordinator

I'd like to see an on site calender....I know you can click races for the low down...but a calender that you could click for RLD race reminders and other clubs...would be Awesome!!!

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redlinederby 10/7/19
Site manager

Getting a calendar on the site isn't an issue. My quest for knowledge here is whether people want a calendar integrates with their existing Google calendar. If folks aren't already using Google Calendar then we don't need to use it.

If we just want a nice 30-day calendar that shows race dates, that I can do with or without Google. If there's no particular peference, I can explore the best solution for the site regardless of what tool is used.

I'm just trying to figure out if we need bike or a bus to get us across town. 

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LeagueofSpeed 10/7/19
Event coordinator

I use the Google I put it to use...but I understand what you're after 

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