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Gotham City Grand Prix - FULL

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I like it.  Sign up Reckless Ronnie of Bubblehead Racing

I would like in if you still have an available spot Driver Joey Slow

Race team NikolaLacey Racing

Is this race full? Can you still enter?

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GrumpyCould 9/8/21

Thanks to everyone who showed interest in this event.  The 16 race spots are now full.  I'll start a waitlist if you want to be added, in case someone drops out.

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Xanthippe 9/12/21

I decided to try something new for this race. In case you were wondering: yes, you can decoupage a Hot Wheels car...

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TheMakersBox 9/26/21

Bonus points for lanuching rockets at your opponents?

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GrumpyCould 10/12/21

Cars are starting to arrive! I don't know what RLo did to piss of the USPS, but they did not respect his package. ???? No worries though, the Batmobile inside looks unscathed.

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Numbskull 10/14/21

Numbskull Racing is on the way.

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Numbskull Yesterday

Races and Fun is using your idea.  It must be good stuff.

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