Gravitywerx Spring Race

Gravitywerx Sunday, 3/11/2012

Taking Mail-in entries for 10-round Spring Series. One entry per site member. Gspeed and Model40 have 2 extra cars each from the Fall 2011 series. Plus I have about a dozen nearly identical but inferior cars to get someone started. You can mail your entry in after the series starts and still win some races. Will start when garage is warm. Address is: Gravitywerx 4513 Feldspar Rd. Middletown MD 21769. No returns, no repairs except taping body to chassis.


I built a car for this and then carried it around in my car for about two weeks to get it ready for the turns. Finally mailed it out yesterday.

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model40fan 4/3/12

hello georgeb, do i need to send in 1 more car for a complete team ? looking though my cars now for a big bad bully.

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