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We'd like to get into this one. 

I was wondering though, how many entries are you allowed? At first I thought it was two but it looks like everyone else is only entering one. We are new to modding and are wanting to test out some theories on this track. Our number is 171.

If double entry is legal we'll be entering #172 as well. 

Thanks for your answer. 

Nathanael Roberts. 

  • Hi Nathaneal. It's one per household. I know there's one builder who asked if a relative (not living in his house) could enter and the answer is yes. If that's your situation, then it's yes. - Mark H. — GravityThrottleRacing

I'm not seeing my first comment. Oh well I think I'll go with #171 though. 

Will this Bentley wagon work 

I think I have posted two comments already but I can't see any of them. Anyway, I'll go with #171. 

I still can't see my comments for some reason but I see that you've got us down. Thank you. 

Hey Mark does this Matchbox Audi eTron qualify (blue one)? If not I have an Avant RS2... and thanks for the fast return of the twins!

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AJ_Grey 10/2/23

Count me in: Rez Wheels, #25

On the way ;)

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DaBlazeMann 10/2/23

Heya! This is Blaze from Burnout Peak Diecast. hoping to claim a spot if I still can, with the number 999!

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DaBlazeMann 10/2/23

Heya! This is Blaze from Burnout Peak Diecast! I'm asking for a spot if there's still one available! 
I'll take the number 999

  • Gotcha down! — GravityThrottleRacing
  • Okay! Car's in the mail and it's on it's way! but I though I'd give you a heads up just in case because there is a small chance it might be a little late arriving. I hope it won't be too much trouble. — DaBlazeMann
  • Thanks! Where are you shipping from? Overseas mail has been pretty quick as of late.. — GravityThrottleRacing
  • Inside the US. I live around the great lakes. — DaBlazeMann
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Fat_Dad 10/3/23

I'd like to join this race. 

Fat Dad Racing, Fat Dad, #713

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Mopar_Marv 10/6/23

#70 Eric Forman from Marv's Diecast Garage.

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