GTR Season 4 | Rallycross | Are You Truckin'? (FULL)

Monday, February 13th, 2023
Hosted by Gravity Throttle Racing
GravityThrottleRacing Saturday, 12/17/2022

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Ironbeardcustoms #00 - RECEIVED
Thunder_Valley_Raceway #2 - RECEIVED
Maldo #3 - RECEIVED
TheMakersBox #5 - RECEIVED
CraigsterSr #7 - RECEIVED
Ross Waters #7 (AU) - RECEIVED
DamianFreire #10 - RECEIVED
Dretty #11 - RECEIVED
FlatRabbitRacing #12 - RECEIVED
RoadrageRacing #13 - RECEIVED
Big_Al #16 - RECEIVED
Too_kay #22 - RECEIVED
DeeJay #26 - RECEIVED
G_ForceRacing #27 - RECEIVED
CashMoneyBoyS #33 - RECEIVED
FeralPatrick_FeralMODS #34 - RECEIVED
Bolo_Brown #36 - RECEIVED
Crazy_Canuck #37 - RECEIVED
BayCityDiecast #38 - RECEIVED
EssexBoys #44 - RECEIVED
Foursix #46
RustBeltRacing #49 - RECEIVED
Bent_Rod_Racing #63 - RECEIVED
Uncle_Elvis #64 - RECEIVED
Papa_Pugsley #72 - RECEIVED
Endcount #73 - RECEIVED
Redline_Salvage_Inc #76 - RECEIVED
NDeavers80 #80 - RECEIVED
SSTdiecast #99 - RECEIVED
ReachNCooler #181 - RECEIVED
RagTag_Jim #220 - RECEIVED
Lily_the_Dog #K9 - RECEIVED

Builders, if you see an error please let me know.

Gravity Throttle Racing (GTR) is proud to host the inaugural “Are You Truckin’?” rallycross tournament at Shavano Mountain Raceway! This is a mail-in tournament for 1/64 scale diecast pickups. All entries should be based on a real manufactured truck. If modified or mashed-up, it MUST be in the spirit of a REALISTIC rallycross truck. No fantasy trucks or trucks with out-of-proportion or unrealistic features are allowed. When in doubt, just ask the host.


Rules & restrictions

  • Stock and modified entries allowed.
  • Weight range is 42 - 58g.  No tolerance.
  • 3.25in. long x 1.5in. tall x 1.25in. wide.  In order to pass thru the tunnel under the train, the maximum height is only 1.5 inches.
  • Limit 1 entry per household.
  • Retail axles and plastic wheels only. Nickel Plated Axles (NPA) is allowed. Polishing axles is allowed. Faster Than Ever (FTE) wheels are also allowed. No rubber wheels or fantasy wheels. Plastic knobby tires are allowed but are not recommended. Please note: Shavano Mountain Raceway is a technical course, not a speed course. Faster isn’t always better.
  • Tire color.  Please stick to the spirit of a real rallycross vehicle.  Black is the goal, a medium or dark gray is okay, and a medium or dark brown looks like a muddy tire, so that is okay, too.  Please avoid pink, yellow, orange, green, red, or blue tires.
  • Dry lube only. Do not over apply graphite to the axles. It will cause a mess when your package is opened.
  • Adding weight - Very few if any off-the-shelf diecast pickups are heavier than 42g. All added weight must be concealed inside the body or made to look like a seat bottom. The only exception for external weight is a black tire balance weight placed under the chassis of a high-rise pickup (i.e. 1987 Dodge D100, Toy #FJV65). Weight can also be added in the bed of the truck, but must be covered and secured, no rattling.
  • Windows.  Painted-over windows not allowed. Tinted windows are acceptable.
  • Racing Number required. Do not just draw a number on the stock paint with a sharpie or paint pen. If you keep the stock paint and there is a placard (circle or square) for a number, you MUST add a decal or self-adhesive number there. The number must be highly visible. A black number on a dark truck is not acceptable. All racers will have a unique number, no duplicates. If you pick a number already chosen, you will be asked for a different number.
  • Modified suspension optional. If tuned right, it can enhance the performance of your rally cross pickup by minimizing DNF’s. A well-tuned suspension and added weight can optimize your speed and handling on the course.
  • Custom or Factory Paint allowed. Trucks with stock paint and a stock racing number must be noted in your post. That way a duplicate will be asked to choose a different number. Include the casting and paint scheme of the stock paint in your post or post a picture of the exact pickup. No offensive graphics or markings. I reserve the right to DQ any vehicle that is offensive or not family friendly.
  • Hand Painted? Sloppy hand painted trucks not allowed. Basically, if you’re not experienced painting pinstripes or are not an accomplished artist, don’t try it. 

Fine Print

  • No proxy sign-ups allowed. You cannot sign-up anyone other than yourself.
  • Please communicate.  If you think you're going to miss the January 31st deadline or something significant comes up in your life, please reach out to me. Life happens. I just ask that you communicate for my sake and for the community of racers.
  • You MUST post in this thread to confirm your place on the 32 truck roster. You are confirmed once you receive my reply regarding your race status.
  • When in doubt, or you have a question, please send me a message here on Redline Derby.  Happy to help.

Dates & deadlines

All entries must be received by the host by Saturday, 1/31/2023. Racing to begin on Sunday, 2/1/2023. Results will be posted immediately after the finals.

How to enter

Mailing address:
c/o Gravity Throttle Racing
2420 N. Longwood Circle
Wichita, Kansas 67226  USA

Include at least $5.00 for return shipping if you want your entries back. I will accept Paypal or Venmo.  Please also include a race entry ID slip.  See link below.
Include a Race Entry ID slip with your entry


This is not a speed track!  It's a rallycross track with jumps, hills, undulations, tight turns, a drift corner, a long straight, and rough terrain leading down the final stretch.  This section is known as the Scrambler.  I have posted Lessons Learned videos with tricks to help you tune your pickup for the race.

Racing will be at Shavano Mountain Raceway – Gravity Throttle Racing. View track profile and specs.

Race format and scoring

The format and scoring will be very similar if not identical to Season 3.  Time trials will determine the pole positions.  Eight groups of 4 will compete and the top 2 will advance to the Sweet 16.  Four groups of 4 will compete and the top 2 will advance to the Elite 8.  The top two of each group will move onto the finals.  The finals will determine the gold, silver, and bronze medal winners.  1st thru 4th place will be published in the final results on RedLine.


If a pickup fails to meet any of the restrictions listed above, the pickup will not qualify to race on the track.

Pickups that fail to run or fit on the track will not participate. If a pickup arrives broken or has a clearance issue with the track, particularly the first jump over Shavano Creek, I will attempt repair/modify it before the racing begins. Some of you will be shipping across an ocean, so I will reach out to you if there's a problem.  I want success for you, too!  Are You Trackin'? (ahem, Truckin'?)


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In plz

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RoadrageRacing 12/17/22

ROADRAGE RACING WOULD LOVE A SPOT !   and yes I have been sitting waiting for you to post this . 

I will get back toyou on the truck .. But for now can I have Number 13

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Lily_the_Dog 12/17/22

Lily the Dog will take a spot #K9

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FeralPatrick 12/17/22

I'm IN! #34 please.

would Love a Spot Please.

# 63 please

Saw Mayfield had 41 already on rig.

James Iron Beard would love to join this one please!!!

  • Number 00 — Ironbeardcustoms
  • You're in. Number is good, too. — GravityThrottleRacing
  • I plan on using the Baja Bouncer. I saw you were planning on testing it on the track. I've noticed it's a little heavy on the back end. Interested in seeing how it handles the drift corner. — Ironbeardcustoms
  • Yeah, me too James. I'll be replacing the rubber tires with plastic ones. — GravityThrottleRacing
  • I've already put new wheels on mine... the fastest casting I own! I flys!!Flys!!! Just hope it can handle the drift corners. — Ironbeardcustoms
  • It flys — Ironbeardcustoms
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EssexBoys 12/17/22

Essex boys - in please!

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DamianFreire 12/17/22

I'm in!!

Freire Racing 

Im in, cheers mate. Race car number 2 if possible

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Papa_Pugsley 12/17/22

Papa is in, #72

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G_ForceRacing 12/17/22

In please!! #27 please :)

  • Can't get enough, aye? You're in. Number is good. — GravityThrottleRacing
  • I can never get enough of this track, it's a Diecast Rally fan's dream come true! Thank you!! — G_ForceRacing
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owned by Land Lines(persona)

driver Home Slice

F350 with a GM 472CI V8 & J4000 cab

ty Gary

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