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GTR Season 4 | Rallycross | Are You Truckin'? (FULL)

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  • That is one clean machine.... looks fast too, nice work bro' — G_ForceRacing

Who is as amped as I am about the upcoming race? 

Here's some food for you racing heart, this is totally off the hook, especially the finish!

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dr_dodge 1/24/23

how about some vintage stuff,  being as my truck is a '78

hope I get to race

Re-post of race in 2017, with an epic finish! Yeah it's old but still epic!

  • Robby Gordon's series. Fun to watch — Uncle_Elvis
  • Saw it for the first time a few days ago.... What a great finish! — G_ForceRacing

I'm amped!! Let's race!!! 

  • Thanks! I'm excited too. But I'm not quite ready. Just yesterday I finally got the lights and timer working correctly. I'll probably be delayed a week or two. — GravityThrottleRacing
  • I totally understand. I'm trying to finish my track, so many details to consider! Hopefully I'll have a race this spring.... But thank you for your hard work, your production is well worth waiting for!! — G_ForceRacing
  • Nothing to add to the comment of G_ForceRacing !!! Keep going and enjoy it! (even when you have to swear sometimes ;) ) — Schottys_diecast
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dr_dodge 2/4/23

found another vid


I blew it!  Totally missed signups.  Haha.  :(.   Season 5 will be the triumphant return!

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Beaverworx 2/10/23

Did the Beaverworx Entry not Qualify? Just didnt see it in the list

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EssexBoys 3/5/23

We missed out on the next round yesterday but what great races !! Our truck was slow at the starts but had good speed to catch up. 
Such a good track and a learning experience for us. We will be back to race again !! 

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