GTR Season 5 | Rallycross | Are You Truckin' 2? (FULL)

Monday, April 17th, 2023
Hosted by Gravity Throttle Racing

Race review


Are You Truckin'? began with 32 participants. The time trials revealed that 4 of the competitors were unable to cross the finish line. 28 entered 7 groups of 4 in double-elimination group racing. From there the top 16 entered 4 groups in the semi-finals. Each group competed in an 8-round triple-elimination race off. The winners moved onto the final 4. Season 5 concluded with an 8-round race off. The winner was Marco Polo; however, a tie for third led to a sudden death race off resulting in Schotty from Neckel Racing taking the bronze.

Gold - Marco_Polo is Marco Polo from Los Brothers/Polo Racing in Texas
Silver - JonabiRacing is Jonabi from Jonabi Racing in Colorado
Bronze - Schottys_diecast is Schotty from Neckel Racing in Luxembourg
4th - Ruckus_Racing is Johnny Smack from Ruckus Racing in Florida

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