GTR Season 5 | Rallycross | Are You Truckin' 2? (FULL)

Monday, April 17th, 2023
Hosted by Gravity Throttle Racing
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GravityThrottleRacing Wednesday, 12/21/2022


1.Deedose #3 - RECEIVED
2.Jonabi #5 - RECEIVED
3.Ruckus_Racing #6 - RECEIVED 
4.CraigsterSr #7 - RECEIVED
5.WesCoasin #8 - RECEIVED
6.Sam_Haul #11 - RECEIVED
7.MrDarq #13 - RECEIVED
8.Schottys_diecast #16 - RECEIVED
9.Briar_Lane_Fabrication #17 - RECEIVED
10.MQHracing #18 - RECEIVED
11.Epvideos_diecast_racing #20 - RECEIVED
12.Sneaky_Bob #21 - RECEIVED
13.GT_Diecast #24 - RECEIVED
14.PuffsRacing #29 - RECEIVED
15.Rabid_Badger #31 - RECEIVED 
16.Marco_Polo #33 - RECEIVED
17.Mayfield #41 - RECEIVED
18.CloakedAfterDark_Racing #44 - RECEIVED
19.SpoolHeads #45 - Shipping
20.Beaverworx #49 - RECEIVED
21.Driepe51 #51 - Shipping
22.Numbskull #53 - RECEIVED
23.Karmic_Racing #57 - RECEIVED
24.Spirit_Of_64 #64 - RECEIVED
25.EnZedRacing #067 - RECEIVED
26.WallyChamp73 #73 - RECEIVED
27.GoldenOwl #77 - RECEIVED
28.RaSungod #79 - RECEIVED
30.BadWoolRacing #98 - RECEIVED
31.Grayboys_Racing #111 - RECEIVED
32.ReachNCooler #4K - RECEIVED

Builders, if you see an error please let me know.

Gravity Throttle Racing (GTR) is proud to host a follow up pickup rallycross tournament entitled “Are You Truckin’ 2?” at Shavano Mountain Raceway! This is a mail-in tournament for 1/64 scale diecast pickups. All entries should be based on a real manufactured truck. If modified or mashed-up, it MUST be in the spirit of a REALISTIC rallycross truck. No fantasy trucks or trucks with out-of-proportion or unrealistic features are allowed. When in doubt, just ask the host.


Rules & restrictions

Refer to "Are You Truckin'?" rules and restrictions.

Dates & deadlines

All entries must be received by the host before the shipping deadline above. Racing is scheduled to begin after Easter holiday. Results will be posted on or after that date as is convenient for the host.

How to enter

Mailing address:
c/o Gravity Throttle Racing
2420 N. Longwood Circle
Wichita, Kansas 67226  USA

Include at least $5.00 for return shipping if you want your entries back. I will accept Paypal or Venmo.
Please also include a race entry ID slip. See link below.
Include a Race Entry ID slip with your entry


Racing will be at Shavano Mountain Raceway – Gravity Throttle Racing. View track profile and specs.

Race format and scoring

Identical to Season 4.


Identical to Season 4.


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EnZedRacing 12/21/22

I see I've forgotten to add a number...may I have 3 digits: #217? 

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Deedose 12/22/22

Will you make the winners of "are you trucking 1 and 2" race against each other ?

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dr_dodge 12/22/22

I hope the alternates at least get to make some runs if no one drops out.

By the way, great lessons learned vid, thanks

  • On the GTR season 3 tournament , there was 2 alternates for a total of 34 cars . The 4 lowest qualifiers just did a squash race . Don't worry , every car will race . — Deedose
  • ok, I wasn't sure, thanks — dr_dodge
  • whew! — GT_Diecast
  • Alternates getting runs? Okay, fair question. I'm not certain how I'm going to handle tourny1 and tourny2 with the alternates, but EVEN IF they don't end up racing in either tournament they will be at the front of the list for a future race. I'm just not certain how it'll all pan out yet. — GravityThrottleRacing
  • Right! — GT_Diecast
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Vjquiles787 12/22/22

I don't understand the process to enter/signup to this tournaments.

  • Normally you would, on the race thread, ask to join, say the amount of cars you are entering, and their numbers, then the host of the race will message you privately with his address. Then you just send your car, which complies to the hosts rules, through the mail, to the host's addres. — GT_Diecast
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GT_Diecast 12/26/22

LOL, I even made my own test scrambler!

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Marco_Polo 1/4/23

I think most of us are pushing the limits!!!!????????????????

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Spirit_Of_64 3/18/23

Shipping later today, a '56 Chevy I call 'Turqules'.  Spoiler came off an old and busted Skyline casting.

I am traveling this week for work to SLC and then from there up to Barrow, AK (northern most point of the US). I just finished my entry, in my 11th hour. Number decals are drying and the paint is still gassing. My wife will get it mailed later this week, can't wait to see her running down your track,  GTR!

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Numbskull 3/27/23

Numbskull Racing is on the way.

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please add me as a 4th alternate 

land lines

  • Done! I have your truck but it will need a number. If you're called up I can put a number on. How about #500? — GravityThrottleRacing
  • it’s #4000 abbreviated as 4 K on rear corners — REACHNCOOLER
  • Land Cruiser 80 pu — REACHNCOOLER
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dr_dodge 3/30/23

I have to say,

GTR is running some wonderful races!

keep up the good work, my friend!


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