Gravity Throttle Racing

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Road course



I built my first track in 2020.  My goal was to make the course and scenary look as real as possible.  I also incorporated two drift turns.  It took 4 months to build and was called Shavano River Canyon.  Check out the build journal link.

In 2022, we moved from Virginia back to Kansas. My wife blessed me with the entire downstairs to build a track.  She dubbed it "the man floor!"  I began building Shavano Mountain Raceway, a 60 foot multi-surface rally cross course.  It is NOT a speed track, but rather a technical course with jumps, hills, undulations, tight turns, a drift corner, a long straight, and rough terrain in the final stretch to the finish (The Scrambler).

Speed doesn't win here, consistency does.  I have posted lessons learned videos to help you tune your entry for this track.  Good luck!!