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redlinederby Saturday, 5/29/2010
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I realize that people that end up here on the forums may not have come from the Redline Derby Racing blog., so just wanted to provide those looking for some articles on customizing and modding cars. There are lots of sites out there with tips and guides on customizing, a quick Google will find you are few of the popular guides from Redline Derby.

Of course, all those and more can be found over at the

You'll also find some more links to other sites on collecting, customizing, and racing over on the blog.


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Kracon 6/27/12 ... eels-cars/ -this is a dead link.

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Kracon 6/27/12

I tried to take apart the 67 Chevelle twice and it didnt go so well. Trying to find a good youtube on doing this is hit and miss. There are some guys that just use a drill press. Others that use 3 drill bits..

I butcherd the gold one with just drilling like a youtube guy did and I made a junk hole. Then having to pry the car apart was hard on the axle.

On the blue car I did the 5/64 drill then the 9/64 and still had to fight the car. I couldnt tell when the top of the shroom was gone. I was tweaking the axles bad when I was trying to pull the car apart.

If this happends on a doner car I'm going to have a junk pile fast.
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EconoCarl 6/27/12

I drill a very small pilot hole into the center of the rivet then follow it with a bit large enough to remove the rivet. Gotta' drill the larger hole slowly so you don't drill into the base/chassis. Practice on a car or two that you're not real fond of!

This thread shows how I put mine back together:

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model40fan 6/27/12

now that's what i like to see, cut up hot wheels, go K go...
as i look at your pictures i noticed that the "pegs" are CHAMFERED off to one side.... 24 years at G.E. tells me that your drill bit is probably dull and is "walking."... i use a 7/32 " bit, go slow, keep checking to see that you are centered, finish drilling in short spurts, you should start to see chips of plastic the same color as your base..... never pry on the wheels, if it won't let go... drill a little deeper...

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WorpeX 6/27/12

Here is a working link to the RLD guide to disassembling a hotwheels car: ... eels-cars/

I follow this exactly, has worked great for me!

Yes, the above guide is good.

never pry on the wheels, if it won't let go... drill a little deeper...

Yes. Good advice.

It looks like you can still use the cars in the photos above. I've made so pretty messy holes drilling as well. Practice makes perfect.

Personally, I start with a 1/16 drill. It fits right into the rivit. Since it fits right in there it usually will drill straight in as long as you hold the drill straight. Get a new drill bit. The fancy ones for drilling on metal don't seem to be any better than the multi purpose ones...for wood, ect.

After the first hole. I switch to a 3/16 bit. If you push really hard it will smash out and mushroom the head. Just push hard enough so that it's working away at the rivit. You will see shavings coming off. After a bit of drilling you have to start checking how close to the chassis you are. Drill a little more check again. If you see chucks of color coming off. You might be drilling the chassis, or gone of to the side. Just keep checking. Be patient and let the drill do the work. After a little practice it will be very easy. Just a little time consuming.

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Kracon 6/28/12

This time I used my dewalt drill and bits. I just drilled out a 57 Chevy and didnt destroy anything I thought I had a Dremel set from years ago (RC cars) but I have no clue where it might have gone.

Some have said they glue or even JB weld the axels in. To me this sounded odd becuase I know the axels spin. I guess your just going with tire spin on the axel..Seems that could be slower.

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model40fan 7/25/12

just chopping an extra '67 velle, DISCOVERY ; the rigid foam used for flower arraingments [sp check] trims, whittles, files very easy.... i made a interior BUCK to keep the roof where it belongs... works great while j.b.quick sets up... took 2 minutes to form the buck... shimmed with cardstock for final fit...

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