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Haul Call - Share your picking results

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Picked up these yesterday at a local flea market and target. The Old Number 5.5 is about tied with the fastest car I own on the straight track.

Picked up this Dollar Tree exclusive Jaguar at Family Dollar yesterday.

Good night of picking a local diecast shop

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CanesBart 7/4/24

Do you believe in miracles?  Found a HW '64 Impala AND a '59 Caddy at a Dolluh General!

Up in where my money goes....

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alva1370 7/5/24

50 cents each at a swap meet about 15 years ago. The 2008 I may have bought new. I got shoeboxes full of old cars.

Stopped at Dollar Tree today. 

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DXPRacing 7/5/24

Not a bad day

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AbbyNormal 7/6/24

My closest local big box store is where I've done most of my HW shopping. Target is just a ways down the road from there. What I have mainly found there have been the usual fantasy - concept - art cars - etc. Actual production car models are few and far between. Until this morning - I stopped by not really expecting to get anything but they must have just restocked cuz I got multiple production Pontiac - Plymouth - Dodge - Lamborghini - Jaguar. Weeeeeeeee.

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AbbyNormal 7/7/24

Took my first trip to the Dollar Tree and they had a small but decent collection. I scored several models I've looked for. Then off to a different big-box than I usually hit. Also got a few there. 

Then I got home and lost control and de-packaged them before photographing. I'm a bad person and I know I need help. But I did keep the awesome Volvo Gasser in the package for now.


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alva1370 7/9/24

Found these wheels in a Waldomart dump bin. You may have a date with an El Segundo Coupe.

I added this "highly distressed" Mill to an eBay order for $0.99 since the shipping was already covered.  Glancing at the photo I took it to be a Spectraflame Rose, early (1969-71) bushing car.  Inspecting it in person revealed a Rose body on a Spectraflame Red base.  There's no obvious evidence of drilling or painting.  The posts and overspray look believable as original.  Maybe an early error car?  Interesting in any case.  If only they could talk.

  • Different paint line for each half? Any bushing car is cool find thou. — Zamak_Speed_Shop

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