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Zamak_Speed_Shop Sunday, 5/12/2024

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Here is episode #1 of Haul Call,  a series I'm starting on my new Youtube Channel. 

If you prefer to go picking instead of mail order like I do, share your picking finds on this thread!
I'd love to see them.

Also, it would be awesome if you could subscribe to my channel and spread the word with the Hot Wheels racing community. Sorry about the shameless plug, but I'm planning to post videos on racing, customizing and collecting and would love to have a good subscriber base to share with. 

I've learned so much from many of you and want to pay it forward.

Much Appreciated!  Chris



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Hello Wisconsin!   Yeah I'll head over and subscribe right now (I may be already?).    Stopped at a flea market Saturday and got new in package for $1.50 each and loose in a tub for .25 cents each.

Nice Haul Dutch!   I gotta warn ya....that Hershey will likely be fast!  Best leave it in the blister. lol

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JBlotner42 5/13/24

Look what I just found while visiting an O'Reilly Auto store for work today!!!! I'm so getting it.

Picked up this '92 Honda Civic EG at the Dollar Tree the other day

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Phil_NWA1 5/13/24

I always check for cars when I am in a charity shop, here are a couple from a recent haul. I need to remember to take pictures ???? I will check out your YouTube channel this week and best of luck with your venture

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JBlotner42 5/13/24

Stop by Walmart on my way home picking up some groceries happened to par through the bin of random cars and found this treasure

Now I have both versions of Godzilla!!

Exceded my Budget in one day but! What the Hay! Just couldn't pass them up!

  • Those Superbirds are always cool! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • That Dodge Coronet looks awesome. Decades ago I built a 68 GTO. I put a few thousand $ into the build and clocked a 12.5 quarter mile. A fellow mechanic found a little old lady selling her husband's Coronet RT 440 6 pack for $2,000. Granny said it was too jumpy for her to drive. That Coronet clocked an 11.7 on the first run with old bias ply tires smoking the entire run. In 69 Mopars rated their horsepower at the rear wheels while GM rated horsepower at the flywheel so my 360 horsepower GTO put maybe 300 HP at the rear wheels. Every hot wheels has the power to bring back memories. — Vulfgang
  • Bias ply tires......oh I'm glad we're past those. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Oh to find something in a Barn like that would be one in a Million, I had a 69 Charger I bought for $100. Had for almost a year and Wrapped it around a Tree. Sadness! — Bent_Rod_Racing
  • Dude your killing me! Those are some sweet Mopars. I only have 2 of those. I did just send my red Daytona to Steel City Mafia for a race. 1996 First Edition — Zamak_Speed_Shop
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AbbyNormal 5/16/24

Nothing too special or bizarro but they all look like they could go fast - and Target has a deal buy 3 get one free. $1.10 a car. Four cars $3.30

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Vulfgang 5/16/24

Last Christmas my sister sold some jewelry at the local pawn shop. She also picked up a 69 Camaro fte for $2! The pawn had 5 bins full of unopened hot wheels, matchbox, majorette and Championship Racing diecast cars for 2 bucks each! Over the next 2 months I bought dozens of Metal/Metal hot wheels from 2005 to 2011. FTE's, Way2Fasts, Hot tubs, Funny Cars, Silver Bullets, Superbirds, Shoebox, Sol Aires, Speed Bumps, Turbulence, muscle cars, vettes, matchbox with leaf springs, Holiday cars, Stockers, Concept cars, Cadillac V16s, Woodies, Purple Passion... I spent every spare $2 I could scrape up for cars. After looking through every bin one last time, I asked if they had any more. Out comes a box with about 150 Classics first series cars! All Metal cars with spectraflame paint! I put 100 on layaway at $2 each. Since I live in a RV, I only keep about 400 cars, only the fastest and coolest looking stuff stays. My castaways go to the many children in my family or I send them to the Norfork Arkansas youth center. When I closed my storage unit in 2023 and downsized my collection, I gave about 500 cars and 100 feet of track to the center. I've found some random cars at flea markets and thrift stores but nothing like the pawn shop bonanza.

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Phil_NWA1 5/17/24

I always enjoy finding a new Bone Shaker and one of the best things about this hobby is you can be doing your regular shopping and do a little hunt at the same time. I feel like I did as a kid coming home with a new car was always a treat.

Small little haul. Camaro is for modding. I since opened them up, and the red Skyline from the Nissan 5-Pack is the fastest of the bunch.

From left to right, top to bottom: Toyota Celica, Tooned '68 Mustang for the FTE wheels, Brit Speed, Ferrari 550 Maranello, Austin Healey, Police truck that rolls super well, and '67 Dodge Charger. Got these at a local kids thrift shop.

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