Have you seen the new Video from Chaos Canyon?

LiveFast_DieCast Friday, 3/10/2023


I've placed the link above, this YouTube video answered about 3/4 of the questions I first struggled to find the answers to. KUDOS! to Chaos Canyon I hope the link is allowed give it a watch and pass it around.


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dr_dodge 3/11/23

I love the fact he did a vid of the rules

great production!

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TheMakersBox 3/11/23

This is pretty next level!  I love the idea of the test course.  A little bit of self-pre-qualifiation.

  • agreed, it lets you test and tune, and also save the shipping if the car sucks — dr_dodge
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SpyDude 3/17/23

This is epic! Everyone should do this!

  • next level stuff for sure! — dr_dodge
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