Heavier wheels??

80sMuscle Friday, 12/30/2011

Can anyone recomend and provide pics of a heavier wheel that would roll well on FTE axels? Or are FTE wheels just the way to go?



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EconoCarl 12/30/11

I'm no scientist, but IMO lighter wheels (less rotating mass) would be better. I would think it would take longer for the heavier wheels to get rolling. What do the experts think?

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georgeb 12/30/11

I'm no expert, but there is something called "flywheel effect" that keeps a rotating mass rotating longer and smoother. It would probably help a Gravityerx car muscle through the turns but don't know about straight-line stuff.

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model40fan 12/30/11

also the wheels are un-sprung weight... they have little effect on gravity.... but do work as "flywheel effect", momentum.

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80sMuscle 12/30/11

Good points!! Thanks for your help.

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EconoCarl 12/30/11

Good points all. Wouldn't this "flywheel effect" be more beneficial on the super long tracks!

The things that make ya' go hmmm!

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EconoCarl 1/1/12

I have no input on this topic.

Hmmm Jason?
Make me wonder if you know something . . .
. . . and you just ain't talkin'!

There is a reason Jason likes those Bling wheels (I think). What do you stuff in the wheels??

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