Help, should I strip my ZAMAC?

ts_diecast Monday, 4/30/2018

Hi all, will it be easier to use the Hotwheels 50th ZAMACs for customs as they are all "un painted"
or will I have to remove the clear coat it has on the body ? ( with nail polish remover ?) Your thoughts are welcome


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redlinederby 4/30/18
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I think it might depend what type of painting you're looking to do. If you're going to spray paint it, I don't think it really matters. Stripping off the paint will certainly help but isn't required, I don't think.

I would probably still strip the Zamac just to be sure.

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Dadvball 4/30/18

I don't know much about the finish on the zamac cars but if you can find an adhesion spray primer you may not have to prep the body other than removing any tampos on it.  A metal etching type primer may also work. 

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