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Help troubleshoot inconsistent timing system

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I know Elevation diecast racing uses the Slanman timer for his Johnny Lightning track and seems satisfied with it.  It would be interesting to hear his thoughts as well as other users. Mine may just be a bad apple.   

  • I can tell you the DTS2..... Works very consistently with a slan man start gate. If there is any vibration at all in your start gate, it's going to cause inconsistencies. Also I would shy away from using a magnet as a magnetic field. Always takes more time to release when you hit the Button to release. — ElevationDiecastRac1ng
  • Appreciate the reply and glad to hear that yours is working well. Unfortunately, I never tested mine with the included start gate. Its the manual version. I'm certain there's no vibration/car hop. I'll keep working on it. — Late_nite_racer
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X2Whiskey 3/15/24

Heya, just a noobie bringing in an outsider's perspective:  Are you by chance lighting your area with flourescent or LED lighting?  Try turning all those off and using an incandescent lamp if you need light.  It could be those lights flickering at 60Hz or whatever the frequency flourescent ballast is using.

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