Holiday Mod-Rod Charity Invitational Auction for Toys For Tots

Monday, December 20th, 2021
Hosted by Live Young Die-Cast
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Live_Young_Diecast Monday, 12/20/2021

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When & Where

Thursday, January 20th, 2022 @ 5pm GMT

Visit web site for more information


Happy Holidays folks! We invited 5 contenders to join us on the Deep Eddy Raceway for a Christmas Holiday-themed modified hot-rod tournament benefitting Toys For Tots! Enjoy the races and place your bids here on this thread or on any of the media posts by the drivers.
Auction is open from 12/20/21 - 12/23/21
Item winners need only provide proof of the bid/donation amount to Toys For Tots and we will ship to you for free. If you win an item, follow this link to provide proof of your bid/donation: Toys For Tots 100% of proceeds go to the charity. Subscribe to the thread, stay tuned and keep bidding! Good luck and thanks for helping support a great cause.

WATCH THE RACING AT 5PM DEC. 20TH & DEC 23RD: Holiday Mod-Rods | Time Trials Seeding

For a $10 donation you can: Get Your 2022 Diecast Racing Calendar 

AUCTION ITEMS: Comment with the item # and your bid!

Starting bid each of the 6 Modified Hot-Rods is $10
Item #1:  Rustbelt Racing's "Jingle Bell Rock" '32 Ford Vicky.

Item #2:  Flat Rabbit Racing Club's "Red Ryder" '57 Chevy

Item #3  Dubious Diecast's "Mean1" Chevy Nomad. Figure included! And the car converts to a tree ornament. 

Item #4  LYDC's "The Griswald" '32 Ford Delivery

Item #5  Bay City Diecast Racing's "Angry Elf" '32 Ford Vicky

Item #6  The Eh-Team's "Rad Santa" Hot Wheels Hooligan

Item #7  The Eh-Team's Vintage 2002 Hot Wheels Holiday Decoration. Starting bid is $15

Item #8  The Eh-Team's Custom Snow Globe. Starting bid is $5

Item #9  Darq Arts Khristmas Krampus Doll. Starting bid is $25

Item #10  Set of 12 vintage Hot Wheels castings. Includes an FTE Mustang and a Mustang Treasure Hunt from 2011. Starting bid is $25


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Crazy_Canuck 12/20/21

Gonna kick things off here and break the ice for bidding...



lets go everyone!!! 

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Numbskull 12/20/21

#10 - $50.00

Bidding on #2 : 5$

#9   $30.00

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Crazy_Canuck 12/20/21



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RustBeltRacing 12/20/21

#5  $10

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KCLH_Racing 12/20/21

#8 - $10

#2 - $15

#3 - $15

#1 - $15

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RLoRacing 12/20/21

#9 $31

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Crazy_Canuck 12/21/21


#3 - $12

Nice bidding yall! Share and spread the word. And don'gt forget to get your 2022 Calendar from the Rust Belt Racing facebook group.

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GoldenOwl 12/23/21

#9 $35

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