Homemade Curves

Stroller Tuesday, 1/19/2016

Anyone know how to make a dual lane curve.  I need one 180 that has only a 6 or 7 inch radius ? .........Stroller.


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redlinederby 1/19/16
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Max Traxxx makes a 90* 2-lane curve...I have one that I'm going to review, haven't even opened it yet. It seems pretty tight corner so putting two of them together might get you a quick 180...

  • johnny lightning DATONA 500 set has excellent 90* vertical wall 180*s — fordman
  • I'd be interested in your thoughts on these — Steele_Mill_Racing
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Rusty 1/20/16

Here is something I plan on trying.Older Tyco TCR track from the 80's and 90's.The later versions had a rail separating the cars in the curves.Looks like it will work..Slot-less  track so no slot..

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fordman 1/20/16

I ran a Drag Tracks track set up, with [2] 20" angled sections, 18" transfer, [6] 20" sections of run-out, then [2] 24" JL sections, a 12" orange section, to a HW dual 180* banked "hot curves" turn... for returning the cars to the starting gate...

   the cars were too fast for the turn...

  later i found and used a JL Daytona 500 set's 180* ... a true 90* track surface, dual 180* turn, fairly tall side rails...

  I easily modded the plastic JL connectors to go from DT female to JL... 

... gave it to the johnnies years ago...


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Chopper 1/21/16

Here's another option. 


I haven't seen this on eBay very often. 

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