Honeycomb High Speed Wheels

BigBadBrad01 Tuesday, 2/2/2016

Has anyone gotten a chance to race these? I think their official name is High-Speed Racing Wheel (HSRW). I'm curious to how well they perform versus FTEs and the other HSWs.



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redlinederby 2/2/16
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I have several of these wheels on some oddball cars, they look like Transformers, but they're Hot Wheels. Next time I mod, I'll try out the wheels and see how they go. Good reminder to keep an eye out...

I have tried these a few times, axles are good...and the skinny wheels were promising, but usually had lots of runout and wobble issues. I think I even won an event...that green torpedo robber car, might have a pic somewhere.  

Interesting. I did think that the low-friction wheels may cause it to wobble. I wonder if thats why the line was cancelled and not distributed to the big box stores.  

  • I think TE meant that the wheels themselves have some wobble...true running wheels are your friend in racing — 72_Chevy_C10
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