Hosting thoughts... schedules, field size, formats, etc.

SteelCityMafia895 Monday, 3/18/2024

Anything I post right now is build related. Just testing things out. I've got something in mind once the timer and start gate are here and working. Once that happens vids will happen with me just testing cars to make sure times are consistent. After that, it may be bi-weekly or monthly tournaments. Maybe 8 or 16 cars to start. I work every other Saturday so that would be a good day for me to do it. Except for when I'm on vacation. What do you all think about a smaller tournament every month where the champ of the 1st tourney and has to be beaten? King of the Hill style? If your car wins, it stays here until it dosen't win. Any cars sent in wouldn't be raced for fun unless permission is given to test or for a couple warm up laps on race day. — SteelCityMafia895


Bi-weekly tournaments would probably be smaller. About 16 cars. If it were monthly probably 32 to start. Unless I want to give out prizes, no entry fee and only payment required would be if you want you cars back. That fee would be in USD. 

  • Remember to look at the Redline Derby Ice Berg of Hosting thing. So much is involved besides running cars. I think Redline Derby would advise to start small and "get your feet wet" in running a smooth and efficient operation and grow as it comes. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Which is hypocritical almost for me to say as I just don't think I have the patience to learn vidiography and editing. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Agree, Don't want to take on too much at one shot for the first Race. The biggest thing for me is learning the Program from No experience at all. But its fun as you start getting used to the system and turn out something that is enjoyable to watch, Hopefully! — Bent_Rod_Racing
  • Sounds like fun. I'd be in. Ready to jump into into this racing world — Zamak_Speed_Shop
  • I'd be happy to send you some slow cars to test... I am very good at taking a pretty decent car and making it slow or a slow car and making it practically immoveable! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • Hahaha! Fred, thats how I started. — Bent_Rod_Racing

The Top 3 Turvey is sort of along those lines....winning car stays at track type thing.   But there's always entrants willing to race.....I'll send cars to you.

  • When is Top 3 Turvy supposed to start? — SteelCityMafia895
  • Feb. 2nd accepting mail ins....tournament sounds like it will run all summer long. Look in RECENT RESULTS under find a race and you should be able to find it. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing

What timing system do you have coming?

With my schedule, I'll probably post every other Saturday. And maybe every other Wednesday. So, that would be a vid on Saturday one week and Wednesday the next. 

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Crazy_Canuck 3/20/24

From a host AND competitor standpoint...if you say you are gonna have a schedule you should do everything you can to stick to that schedule. When I drop videos I try to do it on the weekly basis so the tournaments flow. It CAN get super daunting like the ICEberg mentioned above...but then I like to be entertained and tend to skip those FB Live videos or the ones that just show a grainy shot of a drag track where you can't really see who's who.  Decide what style of production you are willing to achieve first...then just let it flow from there. Also, don't forget to have FUN! A lot of people get into this hobby making videos of races expecting to be the next 3Dbotmaker and then they quit cuz they aren't getting the views they thought they IS a LOT of work, but if you're having fun...that makes the effort worth it

  • 100% my friend. — Live_Young_Diecast
  • You can tell you're having fun watching the videos you put out! — Milestone_Racing
  • Dude…honestly…if I wasn’t enjoying it I’m sure the wifey would have made me pack it in by now…lol — Crazy_Canuck
  • It’s fun as a viewer knowing what day I can be excited about new race vids releasing, as well — ConMan_Customs

As being very new to mail in tournaments, and to the sport over all, I can agree with others who say to start slow. Doing tournaments every week will strain you, again depending on the quality you want to put out. We started with 16 mail ins and glad we did. It helped show me how good some builders are and helped me see where the flaws in the track are. Also planning to release a video once a week may not sound hard to do, again depending on the quality of video, sound, replays, but also life will kick in. Don't add more stress where it's not needed. Then it's a business and not a hobby. Ofcourse, I didn't ask if it's a drag or roadcourse. I figured drag races would be easier to do. But much luck to ya! It's a blast once you get going. 

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