Hot Wheel Coupon-ing

JDC442 Sunday, 3/11/2012

My wife is into coupon-ing and found this deal at Riteaid, a local drug store that sells Hot Wheels. It works out that you end up spending 39 cents per car.

So that is my 'major' plan today on Sunday
Will post picks of any sweet cars I find today.


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JDC442 3/11/12

Bust! Didn't think anyone else would know about this deal, but when we walked into the store and saw nothing but empty pegs, I learned better

My local Rite-Aid has not had any Hot Wheels since before Christmas.

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redlinederby 3/12/12
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Wow, I didn't even know Rite-Aid stores still existed. They fled Ohio in the early 90s...bummer...

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model40fan 3/12/12

we got one every other block... no cars

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