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Hot Wheels 50th challenge

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Foggy with the possibility of rain and 33degrees on raceday....  But it will be 68 and calm in my basement.  Racing will begin shortly. It will take some time to edit the video together. First... Coffee

My video skills are rusty... Racing is in the books, but will take me some time to edit. 

Ok... as I said video skills are rusty. Tried many, many times to get this uploaded in HD... but Youtube had other ideas... I apologize for the grainy, blury, and out of focus races... I did my best. 

Truly close racing across the board. I'll hold the rest of my race comments till everyone has had a chance to view and see who won. I'll also post the final bracket, which is goo to use to follow along with the racing action. I raced the "left" even side car numbered side of the bracket first, then the odd numbered cars... two in a row to move on. 

Please hold... technical difficulties.... I think I have it sorted... copyright on music I was using...

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Jav74 12/1/18

Great racing! Thanks T E. Do this again soon please. 

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CCRider 12/1/18

Wow, awesome racing! Some of those races were really close!

  • Agreed, another day...another track... could have been different. — Traction-Event
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Dadvball 12/2/18

Congrats to the winner!  Lots of good close racing. 

Thanks TE for the race. It's was good to see you up and running again. 

Ok, here are my final thoughts, and bracket from the race.

First thanks for taking the time and effort to build race cars for this event. Nothing better than cars in the mail and seeing the field shape up prior to raceday. Great mix of fantasy and real cars in this fight. 

Some very close racing in this event. Great time watching my battles with MGD's Fast Fish and my Caddy... And again on the other side of the bracket with his Vette. I had more great racing with G-Force... I was happy to edge out one victory. CCRider did not march through his side of the bracket, few losses along the way. Nobody came to the top without a loss. Honestly think any of the top 6 could have won. Mabye a different track layout could have changed the results.

Dadvball's 300C was quick, as was NDeavers 87 Dodge... just had a tough 1st round draw. Jav74, clean, well thought out builds... if that Retroactive was a few grams heavier...the speed is there!

MGD and I did our best, but the all Utah father son Final was unstoppable. 

But in the end all the glory goes to G-Force.  Way to go!!!

Cars will be boxed up this week, and shipped back to those who want them back... the rest goes into the prize bucket. 

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CCRider 12/2/18

Great racing everyone! And as always, great job hosting TE. It was a pleasure racing with everyone. The left side of that bracket was TOUGH! The semi-final battle between TE and G-Force was the Final as far as I'm concerned. That was some close, exciting racing! Thanks TE for putting on a great event. Hope to be racing with you some more in 2019!

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Jav74 12/3/18

I knew I should have left the interior out of the retro-active. I’ll change that when I get it back. I’m a bit fuzzy but did I almost pass an opponent? Great racing, guys!

All cars mailed back today... you should have them by end of next week at the latest. 

  • Thank you. Would be happy to race at your place again sometime — NDeavers80
  • I second that. Let’s have another one soon. — Jav74
  • Got my cars and extras today thank you. — NDeavers80
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Traction-Event 12/14/18

All cars and prizes have been returned... or so the USPS leads me to believe.  Thanks for racing with me. 

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