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Hot Wheels 50th challenge

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Traction-Event 11/17/18

Started on my second car... not sure this will come together, but it is a promising start. Way 2 Fast chassis, 31 Doozie body... 

  • It already looks fast. And really cool — Jav74
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Traction-Event 11/19/18

Team Traction is built... now to set up the track and see if I have any speed. 

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Dadvball 11/23/18

My cars are supposed to be there today.  If they aren't maybe you can hold them for a future race. I forgot about arrive before date, but I also forgot to send return shipping money as well. I'll get that sent.  

Its tough gettin' old lol. 

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CCRider 11/23/18

Hey TE, are you sticking pretty close to the early arrival date? If so that's cool, but if not, I've got a couple I could get in the mail tomorrow. Should be there early next week. For some reason I was thinking this race was more mid December. Guess I'm getting old too haha.

  • If the cars get here before race day, they will run — Traction-Event
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Traction-Event 11/24/18

Cars from MGD Racing in mail today... along with some future race bait!  Thanks... 

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CCRider 11/24/18

Hey TE, a couple of SU Crew F-150s are headed your way. Supposed to be there on Wednesday. Little G built the blue one and I built the black one. We’ll both be racing under the CCRider name. I WAS feeling pretty confident, then later today as I was straightening up my building area I noticed the weight I was supposed to put in my truck did not make it into my truck haha. So I'll be running a little light. Guess I'm giving you all a chance. :)

  • I'll keep an eye on the mailbox... glad to have you guys! — Traction-Event
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Traction-Event 11/27/18

Once the team from Utah arrives, I'll get some team photos of all the cars and start numbering.... then we can set the grid for racing this weekend. 

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Traction-Event 11/27/18

So... What are we racing for?  Other than eternal glory and bragging rights till the next event...

Couple prize cars from my collection... so far these....

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CCRider 11/29/18

Hey TE, looks like are cars are being a little slow getting there (hope that slowness isn't foreshadowing of things to come on the track) but don't hold off on our account. Go ahead with team photos etc. If we make it for race day great, if not no worries, half the fun was building the cars with my little man, so it's all good. :)

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Traction-Event 11/30/18

All cars that I know of are here, numbered, weighed, and ready to race. If you have a dark colored car I placed a neon green sticker on the hood. This will make it easier to follow on video with my black track. There will be an odd side and even side of the car from each team on either side. 

Great mix of castings, and great builds all around. 

Team pics... in no particular order. 

  • Lookn good ,guys! — Jav74
  • Awesome entries guys! Gotta say I really like Jav74 cars. Not things we usually see. — Dadvball
  • Lol. Thanks. I sometimes like some of the goofy fantasy castings. I always like vans. They were fun to build and the retro was a challenge to get the weight up while keeping all of the interior. — Jav74
  • I love that torpedo ‘71. Had it years ago. Almost bought one yesterday. — Jav74
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Traction-Event 11/30/18

Youngest helped with the random draw to fill the bracket for our race. 

  • Careful, TE. Don’t sleep on the Dream Van! Lol — Jav74
  • Zzzz... what I'm up I'm up....Bringing my best effort, best of luck to you and all when the racing starts. — Traction-Event
  • Thanks. I’ll need it. It’s always fun watching either way. I was excited just seeing what I built with everyone else’s in your post. I think my cars will be admiring the build quality of my competitors and forget to pass them. That’s what I’m going with. Lol — Jav74
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Jav74 12/1/18

RACE DAY!!!!!!

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