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Hot Wheels 50th challenge

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Mopar_Mafia 9/9/18

I'm in pm sent

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Mopar_Mafia 9/22/18

Mopar Mafia and Mad Maddie Racing

  • Sweet builds MM. — 41-14
  • Thanks 41, not sure if they'll make speed but TE thinks they are worth the effort — Mopar_Mafia
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MDG_Racing 10/5/18

I love the fact people are leaving them on the pegs. Banjo wheels aplenty! Forgot to mention, I'm in ;)

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NDeavers80 10/5/18

I'm in pm sent

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Dadvball 10/27/18

Almost done with car #2 and they be mailed in the next week or two so I don't forget. 

  • my cars are done and ready. Waiting for TE to reply with the address to send — Mopar_Mafia

Guys, sorry... been off the grid for a bit... I believe I have responded to all requests for a shipping address.  

Need to get going on my second car... and dig through the prize bucket...

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Traction-Event 11/12/18

Back from my last Moto trip of the year... 

Hot Wheels in the mail from Tampa... Mopar Mafia! waiting for me.   Cars are starting to roll in.

Get them ready to race and in the mail.

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Jav74 11/13/18

Mine shipped today. You’ll see them in a couple of days. I chose some goofy castings! 

  • that was quick... got them today! — Traction-Event
  • We are neighbors kind of:) The wife shipped them from Keego. If I shipped from New Hudson, it might almost be overnight. We’ll test that theory the next time you host:) — Jav74
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NDeavers80 11/16/18

I sent my cars off today.  They are expected Monday

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Dadvball 11/16/18

Mine are going tomorrow. 

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Jav74 11/16/18

This time of year in Michigan, I always want the months to roll by. But nowadays, I want the weeks to roll on until the next race! Dream Van/Retro-Active FTW!!! I didn’t paint any tail lights. I’ll be too far ahead for you guys to see my detail work anyway. Let’s roll!!!

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Traction-Event 11/17/18

maybe time for a little race hype...

  • Beautiful! Someday I’d like to learn how to use you tube for more than watching. You guys do great stuff with the races. It’s so far beyond me. — Jav74

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