Hot Wheels Driftin’ or Thwackin’

AbbyNormal Saturday, 6/8/2024

So yesterday I stopped by the Salvation Army Thrift Store to see if they had any weird or interesting castings -- None. (More on that later). There were no Hot Wheels cars loose or packaged. There was an older Hot Wheels set that looked well used for $4. It was hyping a drifting slide of some sort. But best of all the drift platform emptied to a trapdoor. At that point I knew I had to have it. So $4 later I'm home looking over a very strange kit with unholy complicated directions. 

So I set the instructions aside and proceeded in hack and chop mode. Now my little track ends in special way with a jump and thwacking / drifting followed by a trap door. Only the fast cars make it all the way to the hopper. And it's definitely more of a thwacker than a drifter. Still fun to watch them disappear into the padded hopper.

As to the lack of Hot Wheels cars - I'm going to start grabbing a few cars here and there that are on sale. Maybe cars of types I don't usually get (fantasy etc.) and then donate them to the Good Will or your fav holiday toy deal. Something to consider.


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dr_dodge 6/9/24

I yard sale and have 2-3 lg contractor bags with weird sets,
loops, and boosters

eventually I'll build some stupid chaotic thing from it all

thank for sharing,

and disappearing thru the trap door is cool

thwackin' ??? hhhmmm....


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Kingjester 6/9/24

Oh yeah walltracks i remember those sets. I know 40 somethin was a common casting included in many of the wall track sets. 

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SpyDude 6/10/24

-looks over-

You may want to reconsider the donating bit. Some of those fantasy cars have wheels that are fast af and can be swapped out to your builds. 

Fun video!

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